What is a virtual card?

A virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number that’s digitally-generated and tied to your account. You can use a virtual card for online payments everywhere. This keeps your real card number protected, and gives you better control.

Divvy's Virtual Cards allow Users to Safely and Easily Control Spending

Divvy lets you create as many virtual cards as your business needs, for free.

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Set up a virtual card.

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Freeze individual cards.

Send payments with extra control.

Manage subscription spend all in one place.

Never go over budget with vendors again. Create a unique subscription card for each vendor your company uses and limit available funds. Card limits reset each month so you don’t miss vendor payments, and you won’t get charged extra either.


Get visibility into every online purchase.

The Divvy platform shows you every time an employee swipes their credit card—and this includes virtual spend. No more printing out digital receipts or filing an expense report for every recurring payment. With virtual cards, you still get real-time visibility into every transaction—as it happens.

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Prevent fraud
in a few clicks.

Divvy virtual cards help protect you from vendor over-charges and compromised accounts. The old way involved paying hundreds of vendors with a single corporate card, leaving your business constantly at risk. Now, you can have a card for every vendor.


The cards you need to run your business.

phone and card iconVendor Cards

Manage vendor payments, avoid overcharges, and stay in control with set spending limits and automatic recurring allocations.

Member Cards

Whether it’s for a one time online purchase or to keep track of spending on a project, budget members can create as many virtual cards as they need.

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The Divvy Chrome Extension

Physical cards, virtual cards, contactless payment options, and Divvy’s chrome extension make spending with Divvy a breeze, no matter how you’re spending or where you are.

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Ready to start spending smarter?

“With Divvy virtual cards, there is less likelihood of fraud and incidents like card loss will only have minor implications. For me, I feel a lot more comfortable now with Divvy in terms of controls and security of our credit card numbers.”

Marc Balcke
Corporate Controller by Noom

Features of virtual cards in Divvy

Unique card numbers per vendor 
Because each virtual card is a unique 16-digit card number, you can control how much of your credit line each vendor has access to.

Manage recurring payments
By setting up a unique virtual card for each subscription, you can set a per month limit—and never worry about missing a payment or being overcharged for a subscription again.

Limit spend against a budget
Virtual cards pull from a budget, like all spending in Divvy. So you always know exactly how much is spent (and can set a hard limit).

Track spend in real-time
Like with all transactions in Divvy, you can see spend in real-time, including charges to virtual cards.

Instant spend notifications
When someone spends on a virtual card, they get an instant notification to correctly fill out custom fields that you need for accounting.

Set limits to reduce exposure
Virtual cards let you determine exactly how much exposure you have with individual vendors. With spend limits, forced expiration dates, and the ability to create unique cards for every merchant, you have more control over how much vendors can charge you.

Freeze individual cards as needed
Because each virtual card has a unique 16-digit card number, you can freeze or delete an individual virtual card any time—and leave the rest of your cards active.

A card for each vendor
Make sure you never get overcharged and easily manage recurring subscriptions with set limits and a unique virtual card for each of your vendors.

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Commonly asked virtual card questions

What are the benefits of virtual cards for business?

Virtual cards are more secure, prevent vendor fraud, limit your risk with subscriptions, and help control spending.

When should businesses consider using virtual cards?

Businesses should use virtual cards whenever they shop online, make a one-time purchase, or pay for subscriptions.

Can you use virtual credit cards in-store?

Virtual cards are designed for online payment, but can be used over the phone or in stores where card numbers can be manually entered.

Are virtual cards safe?

Virtual cards are safer than your plastic card, because they protect the original account numbers from use. Virtual cards also offer greater control over spending and a faster process for detecting and stopping fraud.

How can your business use virtual cards for subscription management?

Businesses can set up a separate virtual card for each subscription, setting limits on how much can be charged and when the subscription should end. That means vendors can never overcharge you or renew your subscription unless you allow it.

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