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Powered by TripActions, Divvy Travel offers access to an unrivaled travel and expense management experience. Want to get your company set up on Divvy Travel? Just verify your email address.

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Take the stress out of business travel.

Divvy and TripActions have partnered to bring a comprehensive travel and expense management experience to Divvy customers.

One stop travel shop.

Travelers have the world at their fingertips, everything they need to book and manage their own travel in minutes, including access to an unrivaled inventory of flights, hotels and ground transportation.

Watch your savings take off.

The employee rewards program gives travelers a share of the savings by promoting cost-friendlier options for hotels. Your travelers will be happier while your business will save an average of 34% on hotels — a win-win for everyone.

Easy setup. Amazing visibility.

With Divvy already integrated as your expense platform, simply set-up your travel policy and integrate with your HR system within just a few clicks. Your dashboard makes it easy to view all your company’s savings, spend, and travel trends.

“It was a no-brainer to choose Divvy as our expense platform and TripActions as our global travel partner. Both companies take a modern approach to solving our needs as a business which gives us better visibility into our spending, and savings, while giving employees an experience they love.”

Tiffany Robinson
Purchaser at Bluemedia