Terms & conditions for Divvy $100 promotional offer

If you're a business professional, our goal is to show you Divvy and let you try it out. We're happy to give you $100 to get you started, if you meet the following qualifications:

  1. Be a verified business decision maker or influencer, including (but not limited to) owners, founders, administrators, controllers, C-level executives, VPs/Directors/Managers and other senior roles that can help implement or recommend a solution like Divvy. 

  2. Spend over $5,000/mo on credit in your business. We are seeking business partners that are established and can benefit from the full line of Divvy features. 

  3. Attend a full 15-20 minute demo with a Divvy product rep.

  4. Be willing to spend the $100 Divvy MasterCard using Divvy's free app. With the virtual card feature, we can set you up to spend immediately after the demo with any retailer that accepts MasterCard online or over the phone.

What if I'm not a decision maker?
That's okay. Employees benefit from Divvy just as much as the finance team. Check out our referral program for ways to make money by sharing Divvy with your company.