Using Divvy starts with credit.

Divvy’s powerful expense management software is backed by a business credit line. To begin using Divvy, apply for a business credit line with us today.


What to expect

Our all-online application makes it easy to find out if you qualify for credit.

Tell us about your business.

Receive your credit line.

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Login to Divvy and start spending smarter.


Here’s what you get with Divvy:

Cards for all

Business credit you’ll love

Secure virtual cards

Enforceable budgets

Instant categorization

Seamless integrations

Dispute resolution

Spend notifications

Easy card management

Simple reimbursements

Live transaction dashboard

Transaction review

Want a demo first?

Our team is ready to take you through the whole platform, and show you how Divvy will help your company spend smarter.

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“Divvy is to credit card management what the iPhone was to communication. It didn’t create the space, it reinvented it.”

William Duffy
Finance Manager at Alivation Health

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