Spend management that never stops, just like your advertising.

Let the creativity of your marketing campaigns flow, without letting your budget spill over. Give your ads the power to run 24/7 without interruptions through intelligent spend controls that give you the flexibility needed for a successful campaign.

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Scale your business with credit that grows with you.

Apply for a business card quickly and get the capital your company needs to grow and reach more purchase-ready customers.


Manage your budgets, and your time, with intuitive tools.

Use Divvy budgets to manage your entire company’s spend. Let your ad campaigns run, without the headaches of unexpected or interrupted ad spend.

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Control spend across platforms with virtual cards.

Use virtual cards to easily manage expenses across multiple platforms that are billing you around the clock.


See how many hours you can save.

I've been with Divvy now for a year and can say without a doubt they are the best of the best. From accounting, to virtual cards and rewards to customer experience and transparency—they are the only platform we will ever use.”

Dylan JacobsCEO of BrüMate

Divvy is free—really.

The Divvy Platform is free to use to manage budgets, expenses, physical and virtual cards, and so much more. Click below to get started.

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See how many hours you can save.

Simple and powerful spend management tools.

Track every purchase

Automatically track all employee spend in real time so you know where your company’s numbers are at any time of the month.

Virtual cards for subscription management

Whether you’re spending on subscriptions or advertising, ensure that your spending never get out of hand.

Uninterrupted recurring spend

Use virtual cards to ensure your ongoing projects are never interrupted by a failed credit card payment.

Customize your budgets

Align your spend with your business strategy and set your budgets up by department, project, or campaign.

Seamlessly connect to QuickBooks Online

Save time with tracking, billing, and reconciliation by connecting Divvy to QBO.

Cash back rewards

Get rewards just from using your Divvy card on purchases like software subscriptions, restaurants, hotels, and more.

As many physical and virtual cards as you need

Empower every employee with a card and a budget to fund it, while giving you the power to see who’s spending what.

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