Spend more time with your patients, not your finances.

Divvy’s expense management software lets you manage your business finances without giving up your nights or weekends. Whether you’re running a small private practice or managing a large network of caregivers, Divvy gives you maximum control over your spending with minimal time investment.

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Save time and increase control.

It’s impossible for you to be everywhere at once. Divvy gives you a single platform to easily empower your team to spend how they need to, without the worry of going over budget.


Understand your financial health, without the headache.

Divvy’s live transaction dashboard lets you see the health of your business in real-time. And because spenders code their own transactions as they go, you can quickly and accurately close your books without chasing down receipts.

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Don’t worry about being overcharged by suppliers.

Recurring payments for medical supplies and software can be risky because they expose your entire credit line to vendors. Divvy allows you to create a virtual card with a maximum limit for each vendor so you don’t overspend.


See how many hours you can save.

“Divvy is what employees want and what corporate needs. Divvy is to credit card management what the iPhone was to communication. It didn't create the space, it reinvented it.”

William DuffyFinance Manager at Alivation Health

Divvy expense management software is free—really.

The Divvy Platform is free to use to manage budgets, expenses, physical and virtual cards, and so much more. Click below to get started.

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Take control of your finances.

Simple and powerful spend management tools.

Real-time transaction coding

Avoid the month end headache of chasing down receipts and transaction information. Employees code transactions in real time, so you can stop chasing receipts and get back to treating patients.

Set budgets for control

Avoid overspending and fraud by letting Divvy handle the budget. Employees can only spend what you give them, so you stay in control of spending while you’re running your practice.

Virtual cards for subscription management

With a unique card for every supplier and vendor, your business is better protected from overcharges and fraud.

Uninterrupted recurring spend

Use virtual cards to ensure your ongoing supply needs are never interrupted by a failed credit card payment.

Seamless accounting integrations

Divvy connects seamlessly to your accounting software. Reconciling and month’s end are a breeze, even if you’re not an accountant.

Cash back rewards

Get rewards just from using your Divvy card on purchases like medical supplies, advertising, software subscriptions, and office lunches.

Physical and virtual cards at no cost

Empower your staff with cards and just the right amount of funds, while retaining the power to see who’s spending what, even at different office locations.

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