Expense management for construction companies

Divvy is the best spend management solution for construction companies—no more card sharing or lost invoices. Plus, all expenses are automatically job-costed for you.

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Never go over budget on your projects.

With Divvy, you set a project limit and instantly have control over all spend. You’ll never be surprised by another food, fuel, or materials expense.


Easy to use for any kind of employee.

We know that if it’s too hard, people won’t do it. Divvy’s easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps are accessible to contractors with varying technological savvy. We also offer on-demand training to save you time.

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Reduce headaches with real-time visibility.

With Divvy, you’ll automatically see who spent what for which job—in real time. This means you won’t have to track down invoices, figure out which job an expense is for, or wonder who has the company card.


How we are impacting construction companies

What used to take 90 hours a month, takes 2. Card users get a notification, take a picture of their receipt from the app, and we're able to close the books. With Divvy, click some buttons, you're done.

James StreeterAP Manager, Westland Construction

The difference with Divvy for me has been unbelievable. It easily saves me half a week worth of work; I no longer have to track down who bought what for what job. Instead, all spending is automatically job costed for me in Divvy.

Dylan BergstolBookkeeper, Malbro Construction

If I had a choice to save my Divvy card or my child from a burning room—I would hesitate, like really hesitate, but still save my child. Divvy is the hesitation.

Levi BrickeyAP Clerk, Westland Construction

Divvy is free—really.

The Divvy Platform is free to use to manage budgets, expenses, physical and virtual cards, and so much more.

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See how many hours you can save.

Simple and powerful spend management tools.

Setup your budgets by project

Divvy makes it easy to track spending by project. Because every expense runs through a budget, you’re automatically tracking spend against a specific job.

Instantly track fuel, food, & repairs by employee

Every tech or employee in the field will have a Divvy card so it’s easy to know who’s spending what. This eliminates the fraud potential that comes with card sharing.

Leverage virtual cards for recurring spend

Whether you’re spending on subscriptions or advertising, ensure that your projects are never interrupted by a failed credit card payment.

Manage invoices and payments in a few clicks

We leverage OCR technology to reduce the manual data entry you have to do—and we handle paying your vendors.

Add a prepaid account with no credit limit

For construction customers and contractors with large inventory and machinery purchases, we offer prepaid accounts that let you preload whatever you need. This gives you faster AP payments and even better cash back rewards.

Save time in your accounting process

Because we integrate directly with QBO, you’ll save time with tracking, billing, and reconciliation.

browser displaying divvy budgets is behind a physical divvy card and iphone displaying divvy budgets through the app