The next generation of spend management for your clients.

As the preferred spend management tool of, Divvy provides a new model for spend and expense management paired with a corporate card for your clients and new opportunities for your firm.


Why join the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program?

With Divvy, you can focus on delivering proactive advisory services, not managing reactive tactical operations. It’s time to stop chasing receipts and start increasing focus on high value services. In addition to expanded advisory services, as a member of the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program you’ll enjoy many benefits, including:

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Dedicated Partner Success Manager and support materials

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Enhanced rewards for your clients

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Co-marketing opportunities

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CAS 2.0 exclusive training and content from

Benefits of Divvy for your firm.

Divvy enables your firm to cut down on manual tasks and leaves you time to focus on advising your clients.

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Automate manual accounting tasks

Divvy creates efficient processes for the back office services and removes the operational challenges of managing spend and closing clients’ books.

Technology that works for your clients

With Divvy’s user-friendly mobile and desktop apps, clients can access however they need. Plus, managing spend is a breeze with real-time categorization and customizable budget controls.

Seamless software integration

Divvy’s software integrations seamlessly sync transactions to your accounting system, eliminating the need to bounce between systems for cards and expense management.

Real-time visibility when you need it

Divvy allows you to easily track client spend in real-time from a single dashboard. Plus everything is stored automatically so you and your clients never have to worry about keeping paper receipts or invoices.

“On the frustration scale of 1 to 10, managing & tracking our clients’ card activity was a 15. Since Divvy, that’s now a 1.”

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Steve Chaney
Managing Partner

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Benefits of Divvy for clients.

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Cards for all

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Business credit
they’ll love

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Secure virtual cards

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Enforceable budgets

move funds from your phone

Instant categorization

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Seamless integrations

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Dispute resolution

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Spend notifications

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Easy card management

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Simple reimbursements

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Live transaction

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Transaction review

Frequently asked questions

Who can join the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program?

To join the Divvy Accountant Advisor Partner Program, the company must be a finance-related partner, such as bookkeeping firms, CPAs, outsourced CFOs, and accounting firms.

Do I need to be part of the Accountant Program to join the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program?

No, you don’t need to be a member of the Accountant Program to join the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program.

Who can accounting firms offer this program to?

Divvy Account Advisor Program partners are encouraged to share Divvy with any of their clients or business connections with whom they have close relationships.

Does my firm need to use Divvy to refer it to our clients?

Although it is highly encouraged, your firm does not need to be actively using Divvy to refer your clients.

What contracts and costs are there to participate in the Divvy Accountant Advisor Program?

There are no costs for your firm to participate in this program. Divvy is free to use for your firm and clients with no upsells.

Can you integrate your corporate card (Amex, MC, etc.) with the Divvy expense management solution?

Divvy directly pairs spend and expense management software with Divvy corporate cards in order to take control of spending. As such, the Divvy platform cannot be used with other corporate cards.

Do I need to be an AICPA member to join the program?

No. The Divvy Accountant Advisor Program in partnership with is open to all CAS providers, BPO, and CPA firms regardless of their AICPA member status.

What does this change mean if I am an existing member of the Divvy Partner Program?

For questions specific to your account and current partner agreement, please contact your Divvy Partner Success Manager.