Divvy is built for every type of business.

From companies on main street to wall street—and every location in between—Divvy helps you spend smarter™. What do pest control companies, insurance agencies, and ecommerce business have in common? They are using Divvy to take control of their budgets.

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Divvy is customizable to every
business—no workarounds required.

E-commerce and Retail companies >>

Let the creativity of your marketing campaigns flow, without letting your budget spill over. With Divvy, you can give your ads the power to run 24/7 without interruptions through intelligent spend controls that give you the flexibility needed for a successful campaign.

Healthcare companies >>

Divvy’s expense management software lets you manage your business finances without giving up your nights or weekends. From small private practices to large networks of caregivers, Divvy gives you maximum control over your spending with minimal time investment.

Technology companies >>

Divvy is the all-in-one platform that saves time by improving instant visibility, automating manual processes, and optimizing control. Get the software you need to close your books on time every time, no expense reports necessary.

Construction companies >>

Divvy removes the confusion and frustration of lost invoices, card sharing, and more. Plus, all expenses are automatically job-costed for you—all free of charge.


Additional industries using Divvy:

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Professional Services

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Banking, Finance, & Insurance

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Media & Communications

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Travel and Leisure

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Energy & Utilities

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Logistics & Supply Chain