What our customers are saying

“Now that we’ve started setting up and using, we’d love to replace all or our company credit cards with Divvy – in addition to moving all of our accounts payable through Divvy.”

Mitchell Earl, Chief of Staff at Ceterus

“What the Divvy platform has to offer in terms of us managing our expenses will greatly impact the efficiency of our employees as well as the accuracy of their spending.”

Jeff Jacobson, COO at Costa Vida

“Our employees are loving the system, both the control of the budget to their subordinates and the timely reconciliation of their activities so that month end doesn’t create a coding chore for them.”

Sherry Tucker, VP of Finance & Accounting at Breckenridge Distillery

“The entire team is excited to start using your services. You guys are a no brainer in terms of your value prop and we are excited to start utilizing your services. Thanks for coming in and getting the ball rolling for us.”

Chad Ingram, CEO at Jjumpp

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