Divvy product updates:

Divvy’s Slack Integration

If your company lives and breathes in Slack, it can be hard when your other processes don’t. Divvy’s Slack integration allows you to accomplish basic Divvy tasks without ever leaving Slack. Here’s an idea of what it can do:

Work where you like to work

Once Divvy has been connected to Slack, simple, easy-to-use Slack commands allow you and your employees to quickly request additional Divvy funds straight from within Slack. These requests are sent to the necessary approvers in both Slack and in the Divvy web and mobile apps.

Keep your teams funded and efficient

Real-time notifications let you know when your team has fund requests so you can approve or deny them, all from within Slack. Once you approve or deny, the request is updated in Slack, and on both the Divvy web and mobile apps.

No-cost integration

Like the rest of the Divvy platform, the Slack integration is free-to-use.

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