Divvy product updates:

Managing cards just got easier

Upgrades for managing physical cards

From ordering physical cards to activating them, we’ve given customers a whole new way to view and manage their physical cards. Simply head over to the ‘Card’ page from your Divvy dashboard and you’ll find a brand new view called ‘Physical card orders’ in the secondary navigation on the left side of your screen.

From there, you can see lots of important information for all of your physical cards like:

  • Order ID numbers
  • Order status
  • Last four digits of the physical card number
  • Shipping address
  • Who made the order
  • When the physical card was ordered
  • And more!

For more information around this new page and ordering cards in general, check out this help article.

divvy physical card management

Remote card activation for Admins is here.

While having each individual activate their own card through our mobile app is still strongly recommended, we understand that there are different situations where remote activation by an approved admin may be preferred. This is now an option for customers. Learn how here.

We figured this might get you excited about ordering more cards, so we also made it easier for you to now order cards in bulk. Use the wrong address or forget the suite number? No worries, you can now also cancel a card order on the same day.

managing physical cards in divvy

Budget members can now create virtual cards on web.

Before, virtual cards were optimized to be created in our mobile app while on the go. We’ve now optimized the experience on our web application as well. Now, budget members can create virtual cards from both mobile and web. Get step by step info here.

managing virtual cards in divvy