Divvy product updates:

Budgets are getting better

If you’ve ever worked with budgets in Divvy, you know how powerful they can be. But they become even more powerful when you can use them efficiently. We’ve recently made improvements that will help reduce your workload and save you a significant amount of time when using and making adjustments to your Divvy budgets. Here’s what’s new:

Copy budgets

Have you ever created a new budget, only to copy another budget’s settings? To help streamline the budget creation process, you can now simply make a copy of an existing budget. By copying a budget, you can save the time and effort it would typically take to create an entirely new budget and enter the same information from scratch.

Learn more about copying budgets here.

copy divvy budget

Unretire budgets

Have you ever retired a budget only to realize it can’t be undone and now all of the transactions are locked for good? To save time and reduce administrative burden, Divvy admins now have the ability to bring a budget out of a retired state, making the budget active again and unlocking all associated transactions.

Before this update, there was no way to unlock a retired budget’s transactions. You would have to create a new budget with the same settings if you wanted a similar budget. Thankfully, you don’t have to do this anymore.

See how you can unretire budgets here.

unretire divvy budgets

New, adjustable budget reset periods

Have you ever felt the frustration of only having monthly budget reset periods? Divvy now gives you the option of having monthly, quarterly, and annual reset periods, along with the ability to adjust between them.

After adjusting a budget reset period, all member and vendor cards will update and reset at the same cadence as the new budget reset period so that you don’t have to create new cards and update vendors with those new card numbers.

Get step-by-step info for adjustable budget reset periods here.

adjustable budgets in Divvy