Divvy product updates:

Transaction automation

Automate your expense management

Manual expense reports, mis-categorized transactions, chasing down crumpled receipts – we’ve all felt the pains of old school expense management and it’s truly awful.

Divvy is bringing businesses into the 21st century with automatic receipt matching, automated expense reports, and rule based auto-categorization on every transaction.

Automated expense reports

Divvy’s unique blend of software and credit lines eliminates the need for manual expense reporting by tracking transactions in real time. This way you know exactly what you spend, right when you spend it.

NEW: Rules based auto-categorization

Divvy’s hierarchy of rules allows you to auto-categorize transactions based on:

  1. The virtual card that’s used
  2. The merchant
  3. The selected budget
  4. Individual user defaults

Each of these rules operate like IF THEN statements.

IF card # = 2874, THEN Category = Software
IF Merchant contains McDonalds, THEN Category = Meals and Entertainment
IF Budget = Ad Spend, THEN Category = Advertising Expense
IF user = Joseph, THEN Department = Sales

In the case where multiple rules apply to a transaction, they’ll be applied in the order listed above.

With Divvy, you can create as many rules as you’d like to automate as much as possible.

Automatic receipt matching

Chasing receipts is one of the biggest pains we hear from customers that move over to Divvy. It’s tedious, time consuming, and generally annoying. Divvy’s automatic receipt matching function allows you to forward an email to [email protected] and let the receipt matching robots take care of matching it to the proper transaction. Never fuss over finding receipts again.

It’s time to start automating expense management with Divvy.