Divvy product updates:

Divvy works with Apple and Google Pay

Get the convenience of Apple and Google Pay with your Divvy card! When you add your Divvy card to Apple or Google Pay, it creates a digital version of that card. This card can be used from your phone or smartwatch through tap-to-pay, or online at any website checkout.

Pro Tip: New users can start spending using virtual cards or Apple and Google Pay even before their physical card has arrived. So if your team needs funds before their physical card arrives, these digital methods are a great way to get spending sooner.

Learn how to get set up in the video below.

This new feature is available for companies using Divvy’s Visa® Business cards.  For customers who are not currently using Divvy Visa® Business cards but are interested, please visit getdivvy.com/credit/visa/ to join the waitlist and our team will be in touch!