The first literary reference to fools on April 1st involves Chaucer and a rooster full of hubris named Chauntecleer falling for a trick by a clever fox. We now use it as an opportunity to pull office pranks. We put together some office burns for you to utilize this April Fools Day if your prank style includes good-natured ribbing. The inspiration for these April Fools Day office burns comes from the tiny annoyances that persist throughout the work week, but never go entirely unnoticed. Feast your eyes on our Divvy office burns!

Office Burns:

Office Burns Conference Call

Conference call hold music is the sound of insanity.


Office Burns Tuna Microwave

There’s a special place in the bad place for people who microwave fish in a communal kitchen.


Office Burns Lost Receipts

Searching for lost receipts is a great way to lose a couple of hours just to get a $20 business brunch reimbursed. Forget that noise.


Office Burns Fire Drill Blizzard

Fire drills are loud and obnoxious, but frost bite is real, folks. Pack a parka.


Office Burns Swivel Chair

Swiveling in a swivel chair is one of the small joys in the workplace. This burn is cold.


Offie Burns Expense Report Error

On average, 19% of Expense reports contain errors and each mistake takes about 18 minutes to correct. Up that to 100% and you’ve got a new full-time job on your hands.


Office Burns Lunch Meetings

The hanger is real. Ya burnt!


Office Burns Parking Spot Motorcycle

Nothing feels worse than things making you more late when you’re already late. Too mean.


Office Burns Books Never Balance

That’s an old-school CPA burn. Accountant snap!


Office Burns Laptop Headphones

We wouldn’t even wish this on our office nemesis, Eugene. It’s the worst.


Office Burns April Fools

Have a fantastic and prank-filled April Fools Day this April 1st!


We would rather you live a simple and fulfilling office life with donuts every day. Have a happy April 1st, try not to be anyone’s April Fool, and stay safe with your office pranks! We don’t need rabid raccoons in desk drawers or an entire office with furniture haphazardly nailed to the ceiling. Keep it light, like putting a rubber band around the break room sink’s faucet spray hose so that it sprays your cow0rkers when they try to wash their coffee cup–you know, pranks that are basically hilarious and no one gets hurt. Get at it!


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