Real-time visibility at your fingertips.

Whether you want to see spending happening right now or review how much money you spent last year on flights, Divvy has you covered. Divvy tracks and reports on spend so you can make sure you’re spending according to your plan and policy.

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Get insights into your spend

With instant tracking of what’s being spent every time a card is swiped, you can catch abnormalities and keep your teams accountable by drilling down into spending by department, team, project, or individual budget.


Review the past to forecast the future

Review spend from previous months across any budget. Easily toggle between past, current, and future months. Divvy will show you what’s forecasted for future months so you can make needed adjustments, preemptively prepare for spend, and keep your teams accountable and efficient.

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“I believe we’re saving thousands of dollars a quarter as a result of real-time budget tracking. Before Divvy, people would ask where they were against their budgets, and now we know.”

Lou Lombardo

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Use your data to gain insights

To make it easier to manipulate and work with your data, you can download the information you work with every day. See the simple view within Divvy, or download your data to build the insights you need to start spending smarter.


Sync for
financial analysis

Divvy’s integrations are customized to absorb your chart of accounts. This means fully synced, detailed journal entries and high-fidelity data for financial reporting.

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divvy mobile with insights

Stay up to date, wherever you are

The Divvy mobile app lets you move at the speed of your business. Company, budget, and individual spend views within the app keep you and your employees on top of spending in real time, wherever you are.