QuickBooks Online + Divvy = Swipe to Books

Automate your transactions from card swipe to QuickBooks Online. We call it Swipe to Books and no other solution has it. See how much time you’ll save.

Save hours of

manual entry work.

Map your accounting codes right to the Divvy platform. Pair that with the Divvy Smart Card, and you can move transactions from card swipe to your accounting system in real time.

No other card or software provider can do all of this.

By owning the card and the software, we’ve built something no one else can.

Custom mapping

Start with your chart of accounts and fully customize Divvy to match, saving time and eliminating errors.

Don’t miss the details

See all the transaction details in both Divvy and QuickBooks—no manual entry required.

Automate more with virtual cards

Virtual cards allow you to set up default fields for all your subscriptions and recurring expenses, freeing up valuable time.

A single source of truth

Detailed journal entries at the transaction level give you high-fidelity data, so you can be the source of truth in your organization.

One-click sync

Need to update a category or edit a transaction? Do it right in the Divvy platform, and see when your transactions are ready to be synced at-a-glance.

Eliminate data entry for your team

Finance teams love this integration because it eliminates repetitive data entry. That means you can spend more time adding value to your organization.

Enjoy a truly integrated experience in Divvy, now with one-click Swipe to Books.

See Divvy + QuickBooks

in action.

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