Divvy vendor management

Maximize card security and stay organized with your payments using Divvy online cards. Simply generate a burner or vendor-locked card number, assign it to the vendor, monitor payments, and easily cancel with a swipe.

Single-use cards

Generate an online card number for single online purchases. After the purchase, virtually trash the card number, along with any security risk or payment fraud. Never worry about online fraud again.

Subscription cards

Generate a card number for multiple purchases and assign it to specific subscriptions. Choose a limit to prevent any unexpected subscription fees or overcharges. Once it’s set, we’ll do the rest.

Vendor management

One card to many


No visibility

No security

One card to vendor




Benefits of using Divvy vendor management

  • Manage all of your subscriptions in one place.
  • Assign a single-use or recurring card to each online purchase.
  • No longer worry about renewing every subscription payment method.
  • Block unexpected subscription fees and overcharges.
  • Minimize security risk and fraud.
  • It’s free