Send and receive funds

Empower your employees to spend where, when, and how they need. Dynamically control your budgets to restrict unauthorized funds while giving your employees the freedom to access funds when needed.

Divvy funds

Meet Venmo for business. When employees need company funds for a specific need, they can simply use the Divvy mobile app to request the allotted amount from one of the company budgets.

Access funds

When employees request funds, budget admins can say cha-chang or access denied. This way, no unauthorized transaction can sneak under your nose, eliminating fraud and overspend.

Digital audit trail

Request, approve, and deny all company transactions in one place, simultaneously creating an automatic, virtual record. You can sleep easy because an audit is no longer a nightmare.

Contextual analytics

Get the right information about your company spending at the right time in order to make smarter financial decisions. See every transaction in real-time, monitor each budget, and analyze overall company spending. No more wasteful spending or fraud under your watch.

See how much Divvy can save you.