Divvy expense management

What used to take weeks now takes seconds. Divvy takes care of everything between the swipe of your card and the monthly bookkeeping. All of your expenses are recorded and filed into reports for you. You’re welcome.

No more receipt-chasing

The end of the month just got a lot less stressful. You no longer have to track receipts or chase down employees for expense reports.  Divvy software proactively collects the needed information from each transaction. Or, like everyone else, we allow employees to take a picture. Divvy also gathers enough data to digitally create a receipt for accounting.

Automated expense reports

Divvy not only gets rid of chasing receipts, but also eliminates the annoying expense report process. Your employees don’t have to create them, and you don’t have to chase them, Divvy does it for you. Win win.

See how much Divvy can save you.