Take control of

company spending

Every company expense tracked and categorized
as it happens, not at the end of the month

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Divvy Vendor Management

Budgeting made easy

Modern spending

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The Divvy difference

Divvy integrates budgets at the point of spend, allowing managers to allot funds to team members
and see employee spending as it happens. Say goodbye to reimbursements and expense reports for good.

Set up

Integrate your company’s budgets into Divvy. Create teams of employees and empower them to send and request funds. Employees can start spending online and in-person with their Divvy cards.

Spend & track business expenses

To spend, select the appropriate budget, swipe your Divvy smart card, and let us track the expense for you. See expenses as they happen and adjust budgets immediately.


Once you’re using Divvy, you’ll never file an expense report again. Easily send expenses into your accounting software at the end of the month.

See how much Divvy can save you.