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Payments Services.

Payments Services is Divvy’s free vendor payment solution designed to streamline your payables process. Let us handle the work of processing payments for your large invoices. You sit back and enjoy the rewards.

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A better experience for you

With Payment Services, you can boost your bottom line and streamline your payables processing. Divvy handles the manual work of processing payments and remittance for your large invoices, while offering rewards that you won’t get with ACH or checks.

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Save time on your manual process

You send us a list of the invoices to be paid, we’ll save you and your team hours of manual data processing, check cutting, and envelope licking.

Maximize your rewards

Unlike ACH and checks, paying with Divvy helps you earn rewards. When you pay vendors with a virtual card, you get rewarded on the spend.

Control what vendors can charge

With vendor-specific virtual cards, you can set unique limits to prevent vendors from successfully charging more than you’ve agreed.

Watch spend in real time

Real-time dashboards show the status of your virtual card payments by vendor.

A better experience for your vendors

We know that your largest vendors are important to you—and we put extra time and attention into making sure they’re paid correctly and securely.

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Real human support

A Divvy specialist personally manages your vendors and invoices, so your vendors get the best experience possible.

Pay securely

Virtual cards may offer better fraud protection than a traditional credit card and are easier to manage if you do experience fraud.

Pay instantly

Instead of waiting on snail mail and checks to clear, you can send payments via an instantly-available virtual card.

Educate your vendors

Divvy offers collateral to help your AP team explain the process to your vendors.


“Utilizing Divvy with our vendors added flexibility for my AP team to pay vendors with less than 30-day payment terms quickly, and reduced annual expenses by a meaningful amount (approximately 800K) with our cash back rebates.”

Jen Morgan
CFO, Senta Partners