Help your clients spend smarter with Divvy.

Divvy provides you and your clients with corporate cards, budget and expense management, and more—all in one easy-to-use platform. Divvy seamlessly links expense management software with a smart business card so you and your clients never have to process another expense report.

laptop displaying divvy budgets is behind a physical divvy card and iphone displaying divvy budgets through the app
two physical divvy cards on top of each other, one displaying the front and the other displaying the back of the card

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What your clients get with Divvy:

Total financial control

Every spender has their own card, and you can control each card’s balance in seconds. That fosters trust between the finance team and everyone else.

No more overspending

Start by making a budget, add people to it, divvy out funds, and watch the spend roll in. With real-time tracking and spend controls, you can finally take control of your budgets.

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Real-time visibility

Every time a Divvy card is swiped, the transaction is visible to the spender, the budget owner, and the company admin—immediately. No more flying dark until everyone files their reports.

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Any kind of payment

Divvy allows you to run your business more efficiently by giving everyone at your company a credit card with admin controls. Plus, you can pay any bill or invoice through Bill Pay.

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Divvy Bill Pay software allows Companies to Pay for All Types of Expenses

Automatic expense reports

No more reimbursements for out-of-pocket expenses or reporting deadlines. With Divvy, you’ll never have to do another manual expense report again.

Rewards for all

Like every other aspect of Divvy, we put you in control of how you earn rewards, offering high-earning options with up to 7x multipliers.

Enhanced financial tech stack

No matter what financial tech you’re using, Divvy plays nice. You can map custom fields to GL codes and save hours every month with our QuickBooks Online sync.

The Divvy Partner Program

Divvy’s Partner Program is for accounting firms, CPAs, and bookkeepers whose clients could benefit from using Divvy. When your company becomes a partner, you earn revenue-sharing from the spending activity of any referral clients who create an account with us.


Frequently asked questions

Does being a Divvy partner cost anything?

Nothing—the program is free to join. Plus, you will work closely with Divvy’s incredible Partner Success team for guidance and support throughout the process.

Cost to my clients?

Divvy is completely free for your clients too. We earn money off of interchange fees rather than charging users for the software. This ensures we can keep the entire Divvy platform free for you and your clients.

How much can I make from revenue-sharing?

Your Partner Success manager will help you explore your earnings potential. First and foremost, Divvy partners benefit from the recommendation of a truly better—and truly free—software platform to their clients. This helps strengthen relationships and enable the partner to perform their jobs more efficiently

Any long term commitment contracts or hidden catches?

None at all.