laptop displaying divvy budgets is behind a physical divvy card and iphone displaying divvy budgets through the app

The #1 corporate card & expense management platform.

We’ve combined seamless expense management software with the world’s smartest business card, so you never have to process another expense report.

For Carta customers, when you sign up today you’ll get 100,000 bonus reward points after your first transaction.

“We’ve saved significant time creating and processing expense reports—at least 60 hours a month as a company.”

Lou Lombardo
CFO at Golf Genius

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Simple but robust expense management.

Cards for all
Gone are the days of card sharing. Every employee gets a card with a set limit, so you can track spend by employees instantly.

Business credit you’ll love
Our software is backed by business credit lines that can grow with you and improve your credit score.

Secure virtual cards
Manage subscriptions with individual virtual cards that limit the amount vendors can charge you.

Enforceable budgets
With Divvy, you’ll never go over budget again, because employees can only spend what you’ve allocated to them.

Instant categorization
After receiving a push notification, employees categorize their own transactions using your custom fields—in just a few taps.

Seamless integrations
Divvy mirrors your chart of accounts, saving you hours of manual data entry and reconciliation.

Dispute resolution
If you ever experience fraud, we will work with you to resolve the charges.

Spend notifications
Push notifications and weekly reminder emails help ensure no expense goes uncategorized.

Easy card management
In a few clicks, you’re able to freeze individual cards in the event of fraud or theft.

Simple reimbursements
Managing one-off expenses, like mileage or cash purchases, is a breeze in Divvy.

Live transaction dashboard
Review all transactions in real-time as they flow into your dashboard. No more waiting until the end of the month for visibility.

Instant data review
Review transactions and mark them ready for export to your accounting software.