How does Divvy work?

Expense reports

We take care of the expense report automatically when you spend. Just swipe and you’re done.

Easily manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and see spend in real-time.

Smarter budgeting

Virtual cards

See all your subscriptions in one place and have any online spending on unique card numbers.


Get access to great deals that beat the competition by up to 50%.

Divvy makes it easy to access the funding you need, no matter the size of your business.

It's free to use for the entire company, plus earns 1-7x rewards.


How is Divvy free?

Divvy makes money from interchange fees—which costs nothing to our customers—that’s how we’re able to provide a top-tier product that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.

Divvy vs. other

business credit cards

Take a demo and we'll give you $100.


Plus, Divvy eliminates the need for expense reports, reimbursements, receipt tracking, prepaid cards, expensive software & more... Sign up today to get a personalized demo of the #1 corporate card & expense management platform. 

Privacy Policy |  Terms and Conditions | ©Divvy | All Rights Reserved | Crafted in UT, USA | 385-352-0374

Privacy Policy |  Terms and Conditions | ©Divvy | All Rights Reserved | Crafted in UT, USA | 385-352-0374

Access to capital when your business needs it.

"I could immediately see how much easier Divvy was going to make our lives. Plus, they gave us access to the credit we needed."

Jessie Alexander
Director of Procurement at Bristol Hospice

We know we're not your only business credit card option, but we are the best. Here's why:


Other business credit cards

No fees

Flexible rewards

Automatic integration with Divvy expense management software

Unlimited creation of virtual cards

Employee cards for everyone (controlled by admin)

Enforceable budgets

Start your application >>

Annual & monthly fees

Set rewards

Imperfect or nonexistent integrations with expense software

May, or may not, allow for virtual cards

Limited number of cards per organization

No spending locks or tracking


→ Multiple ways of underwriting

→ Scalable credit line

→ Unlimited virtual cards

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Fast. Simple. Secure.

Fast and flexible business credit.


The best modern finance teams use Divvy.

We work with all major accounting software.

The #1 corporate card & expense management platform.