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Divvy vs. other corporate cards

Why do Divvy customers love it so much? Could be how well we stack up against other corporate cards.

falling divvy cards


✓  No annual fees

✓  Flexible rewards

✓  Free-to-use software platform

✓  Stable credit lines

✓  Automated expense management

✓  As many physical & virtual cards as you need

✓  Budgets with built-in spend controls

✓  Real-time transaction tracking

  Integrations with apps you  use everyday

Other corporate cards may

Have annual or monthly fees

Offer fixed rewards

Have to be used in combination with other software like Expensify, Concur, Excel, etc.

Have less predictable credit lines (usually determined by cash in the linked bank account)

Require tedious, manual expense management

Allow for virtual cards (or may not)

Offer a limited number of cards

Not have spending locks or tracking

Rewards of a credit card with the efficiency of software

Divvy gives you all the rewards you’d expect from the best business credit lines with all the features of a best-in-class finance app: automated reimbursement, expense reports, and vendor payments, accounting integrations, an easy to use mobile app, and a whole lot more.

phone displaying the divvy budgets on screen to the left of a physical divvy card

What users are saying about Divvy


average monthly savings
by surveyed users.


of surveyed users would
recommend Divvy to a friend.

12 hours

average monthly time savings
by surveyed users.

Based on a survey of 127 Divvy users conducted by UserEvidence in March 2022.

Divvy’s best-in-class software is free.

That’s right. Divvy’s world-class expense management software is free.

  • No hidden fees or complicated contracts
  • As many physical and virtual cards as you need
  • Highly-rated, full-featured mobile app for all users
divvy on phone and browser with card

“A free card service that also gives us rewards—you can’t beat that. Plus, with Divvy, we can track our company’s credit card spend in one place.”

Steve Plowman
Controller at Artemis Health

Artemis Health Case Study

¹Actual amount depends on applicant’s credit information and approval of application.