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Divvy vs. other corporate cards

We know we’re not your only business credit option, but we believe we are the best. Here’s why:

floating divvy cards


No annual fees

Flexible rewards

Seamless, automatic expense management with Divvy software

Access to virtual cards for greater control of your online purchases and subscriptions

Each employee gets a card that can be controlled by your admin

Set budgets to control spend

Other corporate cards

Annual & monthly fees

Set rewards

Used in combination with other software like Expensify, Concur, Excel, paper expense management, etc.

Some allow for virtual cards

Limited number of cards per organization

No spending locks or tracking

Getting approved is simple.

business information required on Divvy desktop

Apply for credit

animation of employees receiving business spending cards

Get approved

animation of Divvy expense management app

Start spending

phone displaying the divvy budgets on screen to the left of a physical divvy card

Credit card rewards plus software benefits

Credit with Divvy has all the perks and benefits you’d expect from a robust business credit line. From features to rewards, you’ll love having credit with Divvy.

4.7 star rating
4.6 star rating

“A free card service that also gives us rewards—you can’t beat that. Plus, with Divvy, we can track our company’s credit card spend in one place.”

Steve Plowman
Controller at Artemis Health

Divvy’s best-in-class software is free.

That’s right. Divvy’s world-class expense management software is free.

  • No hidden fees or contracts
  • As many physical and virtual cards as you need
  • Highly-rated, full-featured mobile app for all users
divvy on phone and browser with card

How is Divvy free?

Divvy makes money from interchange fees—which costs nothing to our customers—that’s how we’re able to provide a top-tier product that doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg.