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The Divvy Mobile App

4.7/5 stars

Divvy enables your team with the tools they need to spend on the go. From budgets to reimbursements, manage the full lifecycle of spend in one or two clicks—all for free.

Star rating as of 5/20/2022

Divvy phone with virtual cards

Simple and powerful spend management tools.

Track every purchase

Automatically track all employee spend in real time so you know where your company’s numbers are at any time of the month.

Virtual cards for subscription management

Whether you’re spending on subscriptions or advertising, ensure that your spending never get out of hand.

Uninterrupted recurring spend

Use virtual cards to ensure your ongoing projects are never interrupted by a failed credit card payment.

Customize your budgets

Align your spend with your business strategy and set your budgets up by department, project, or team.

Seamlessly connect to QuickBooks Online

Save time with tracking, billing, and reconciliation by connecting Divvy to QBO.

Cash back rewards

Get rewards just from using your Divvy card on purchases like software subscriptions, restaurants, hotels, and more.

Physical and virtual cards at no cost

Empower every employee with a card and a budget to fund it, while giving you the power to see who’s spending what.

browser displaying divvy budgets is behind a physical divvy card and iphone displaying divvy budgets through the app

Why our customers love Divvy:

Outside of expense reporting subscription costs ($1,500/annually), the opportunity cost of time my team spent following up on and tracking down expenses has diminished tremendously. We are now able to shift focus on analyzing and reporting trends.

Nicole FioreController, Wilbur Labs

Asking employees to pay for company purchases on their own cards creates an emotional battle that stifles innovation. The difference since we started using Divvy is that people feel empowered because they’re trusted to be accountable.

Amber JohnsonCOO, Jump Software

Divvy has been a breath of fresh air in what’s usually a painful and arduous process. I believe we’re saving thousands of dollars a quarter as a result of real-time budget tracking.

Lou LombardoCFO, Golf Genius

Divvy vs. other

corporate cards.

We know we’re not your only corporate card option, but we believe we are the best. Here’s why:

two physical divvy cards on top of each other, one displaying the front and the other displaying the back of the card


No annual fees

Flexible rewards

Seamless, automatic expense management with Divvy software

Access to virtual cards and physical cards for all of your employees

Each employee gets a card that can be controlled by your admin

Set budgets to control spend

Other corporate cards

Annual & monthly fees

Set rewards

Imperfect or nonexistent integrations with expense software

May, or may not, allow for virtual cards

Limited number of cards per organization

No spending locks or tracking

Get a $100 Gift Card for taking a demo¹

¹If you’re a business professional, our goal is to show you Divvy and let you try it out. We’re happy to give you a $100 Gift Card to demo Divvy if you meet the following qualifications: This offer is available only to US Residents 18 years of age or over. Additionally, this offer is only available to new Divvy customers applying for a new Divvy account. This offer is not applicable to existing customers. This $100 Gift Card is available only to verified business decision-makers or influencers – Including (but not limited to) owners, founders, administrators, controllers, C-level executives, VPs/Directors/Managers, and other senior roles that can help implement or recommend a solution like Divvy. To be eligible for this offer, your company must have over 20 full-time employees. Additionally, in order to receive this offer, you must attend a full demo with a Divvy product representative on or before 11:59:59 PM Mountain time on 12/31/2022. Limit one, $100 Gift Card per new Divvy customer. The $50 gift card subject to this offer will be delivered within forty-five (45) days of the completed Divvy demo. ²Restrictions apply. For more information, see Terms of Service.

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