Build your business credit. No credit line required.

Introducing Divvy Credit Builder—a program designed to give every small business the tools they need to build their credit, even without a credit line.

floating divvy cards
divvy wallet with virtual cards on desktop

The prepaid card with credit card rewards.

Not all businesses can be approved for a line of credit right away. But with a pay-as-you-go option, the Divvy Credit Builder program puts every small business on a path to obtain a credit line, while providing them with the same easy-to-use expense management software and rewards as our standard card programs.


No small business left behind.

Divvy is designed to give customers the credit they need to grow. With Credit Builder, every small business has the tools to track business spend and automate expense reports—all while working towards their own line of credit.

woman sitting at a laptop looking at marketing team budget on Divvy

Easy online application

From start to finish, applying for credit with Divvy can be completed in a few easy steps.

Build business credit

We report your payments to leading business credit institutions.*

Secure virtual cards

Additional protection against fraud, and overspending, with virtual cards tied to your account.

Earn Divvy Rewards

We allow you to control your rewards earnings based on your payoff schedule.

Track spend in real time

View up-to-date spend anytime, anywhere, so you always know where your business stands.

Seamless software integration

Save hours of accounting work with software integrations that only Divvy’s card-plus-software solution can provide.

Here’s how it works.

illustrated line graph

Grow into a credit line.

Use Credit Builder’s prepaid
card to work your way up to a
credit line with Divvy.

illustration of a pile of dollar bills

No minimum balance required

Preload your card for as much as
you need, as often as you like.

illustration of piggy bank with coins

Build credit as you make payments.

Divvy reports your payments to
D&B and SBFE.

More on building business credit with Divvy Credit Builder

Why do I complete a credit application for the credit builder?

Divvy’s goal is to approve customers for the line of credit they need to grow their business. Once you complete our online application, our underwriting team goes to work to approve you for a line of credit. If we can’t approve you for a line of credit at that time, you may still qualify for our Credit Builder program. This allows you to prepay your credit while building your business credit score for a future line of credit.

How is Credit Builder different from the standard Divvy program?

The standard Divvy program includes a line of credit where the full balance must be paid on the payment due date. (No float is included in this program.)

The Credit Builder program is for businesses who did not qualify for a line of credit. This is a program that allows businesses to make payments to Divvy in a way to preload their account and then spend. By using Divvy to spend, Credit Builder participants still receive Divvy rewards and can use the software to manage all of their spending and expenses.

Will I have access to virtual cards with Credit Builder?

Yes. You can create as many virtual cards as needed.

What rewards do I have access to with Credit Builder?

Credit Builder’s reward system mirrors that of our weekly rewards program for a credit line. Click here to learn more.

How do I load my Credit Builder account with funds?

Your Credit Builder account can be funded via wire or ACH transfer, or directly via the payment portal on your Divvy Dashboard (this may be subject to a 4-day hold). Customer Support can assist with details.

How frequently will my credit be reported with Credit Builder?

Your activity will be reported to credit bureaus on a monthly basis.

Does Divvy Credit Builder also impact my personal credit?

No. Divvy Credit Builder is only reporting activity that may impact your business credit.

What credit bureaus will my credit be reported to?

Credit Builder reports your payments to D&B and SBFE.

Can Divvy Credit Builder negatively impact my credit?

On-time payment history can have a positive impact on your credit score. Late payments may negatively impact your credit score.