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Take control of your project budgets.

With Divvy, you set a project limit and instantly have control over all spend. You’ll never be surprised by another food, fuel, or materials expense.


Easy to use for any kind of employee.

We know that if it’s too hard, people won’t do it. Divvy’s easy-to-use mobile and desktop apps are accessible to contractors with varying technological savvy. We also offer on-demand training to save you time.

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Reduce headaches with real-time visibility.

With Divvy, you’ll automatically see who spent what for which job—in real time. This means you won’t have to track down invoices, figure out which job an expense is for, or wonder who has the company card.


“What used to take 90 hours a month, takes two. Card users get a notification, take a picture of their receipt from the app, and we close the books. With Divvy, click some buttons, you’re done.”

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See how many hours you can save.