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Spend $500. Get $500.

Take a demo and see for yourself how Divvy can help save you time and money every month. Plus, you’ll get a $500 statement credit when you spend your first $500 on Divvy¹.


The all-in-one expense management solution.

Divvy gives you access to business credit, plus the rewards you’d expect from a business card—all easily managed with a fully-integrated software solution.

manage department budgets with Divvy's expense management platform

Software to manage expenses

Business purchases that happen on a Divvy card are categorized with a few taps on a phone. Say goodbye to out-of-pocket reimbursements and manual expense reports.

Credit to grow your business

Get access to the funding you need, no matter the size of your business. Apply for a credit line in minutes and start spending smarter with Divvy cards for all employees.

Tools to control your spending

Build a budget with admins and users, divvy our funds, and watch spend come in exactly on target. With real-time tracking and controls, Divvy gives you the tools to take control of your budgets.

Rewards on your spending

Start earning rewards as soon as you start spending with Divvy. Redeem your reward points for cash back, statement credit, travel, or gift cards; you’re in control.

The Divvy Mobile App

4.7/5 Stars

Divvy enables your team with the tools they need to spend on the go. From budgets to reimbursements, manage the full lifecycle of spend in one or two clicks—all for free.

Star rating as of 5/20/2022

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“We LOVE Divvy as our corporate card system. It makes it super easy to manage physical and virtual cards for over 70 card holders. No big month end reconciliation process. Everything is tracked in one place, in one account – for free!”

customer reviewPaige Oldham
CFO, Health Solutions

Divvy vs. other corporate cards

Why do Divvy customers love it so much? Could be how well we stack up against other corporate cards.

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✓  No annual or initiation fees

✓  Flexible rewards

✓  Free-to-use software platform

✓  Stable credit lines

✓  Automated expense management

✓  As many physical & virtual cards as you need

✓  Budgets with built-in spend controls

✓  Real-time transaction tracking

  Integrations with apps you  use everyday

Other corporate cards may

Have annual & monthly fees

Offer fixed rewards

Have to be used in combination with other software like Expensify, Concur, Excel, etc.

Have less predictable credit lines (usually determined by cash in the linked bank account)

Require tedious, manual expense management

Allow for virtual cards (or may not)

Offer a limited number of cards

Not have spending locks or tracking

¹Terms & Conditions apply. This offer is available only to qualified individuals 18 years of age or over. Additionally, this offer is available to US Residents who live within the borders of the United States. This offer is available for a limited time, with all rights reserved to discontinue or change the terms of the offer at any time, subject to applicable law. This offer may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or promotion. Applicants must submit an application using the designated Divvy landing page for either a prepaid card or a business charge card. This offer is only valid for applications submitted before 11:59 pm MST 3/31/2023. By submitting an application to Divvy, you, as an individual and the Authorizing Officer of the Company, (a) are requesting us to open an Account in the name of the Company, (b) are requesting that we issue Card(s) as you direct, and REPRESENTING THAT ALL CARD(S) ISSUED ON THE ACCOUNT WILL ONLY BE USED FOR COMMERCIAL OR BUSINESS PURPOSES. To qualify, customers must 1) open an account within 60 days of responding to this offer, 2) spend a minimum of $500 in Net Purchases on their Divvy business card within 45 days of account creation, and 3) complete a balance payment of over $500 per the account payment terms. Net Purchases exclude cash advances, credits, chargebacks, and Plastiq or Melio payments. For more information on payment terms, please refer to your Cardholder Agreement. Divvy will apply the $500 incentive as a statement credit to your divvy account within 60 days of your first successful balance payment over $500.