Automatically go from swipe to books with Divvy.

Preserve your accounting structure—from card swipe to closed books—with Divvy integrations. No manual re-coding. No unlabelled transactions. Just matched data.




Match your chart of accounts exactly.

Our flexible integrations don’t require you, or your employees, to change how you do business. We do what any responsible software company would: start with your chart of accounts and fully customize Divvy to match.

Save hours of manual entry work.

Rather than create duplicate transaction sets, our integrations absorb your chart of accounts and align Divvy categories to match. This means hours saved on manual re-entry and detailed journal entries for high-fidelity data.

No other card or software can integrate like Divvy does.

By owning the card and the software, we’ve built something no one else can.

Custom mapping reduces errors

Start with your chart of accounts and fully customize Divvy to match, saving time and eliminating errors.

Guided setup makes it easy

Our guided setup is in-app—not buried in archaic documentation. If you get stuck somewhere, we’re right there to help.

Sync anytime with one click

Need to update a category or edit a transaction? Do it right in the Divvy platform, and see when your transactions are ready to be synced at-a-glance.

Eliminate data re-entry

Finance teams love Divvy integrations because we eliminate repetitive data entry. That means you can spend more time adding value to your organization.

Spend nothing to integrate

You shouldn’t have to pay for your single source of truth. At Divvy, we fully build and manage our own integrations, and we do it all for free.

User friendly naming

When you integrate, you’re able to use friendly naming conventions—so your categorization makes sense.

See our integrations in action.

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