Take control of

company spending

Every company expense tracked and categorized
as it happens, not at the end of the month

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Send and receive money

Budgets made easy

Modern spending

Tax seasons preparation

Give and control money.

Employees can request access to funds from specified budgets. Managers can then approve access to the funds, allocate the funds, and monitor spending.

No more reimbursement

Owners grant employees access to company funds from anywhere. This eliminates the need to use a personal card, track receipts, and wait to be reimbursed.

Create budgets for teams, events, and projects.

Create personalized budgets for your company based on specific needs. Manage and track each budget to see where funds are spent in real-time.

Never file another expense report.

Divvy Pay records every transaction in real-time and keeps a record. Next time you’re asked to submit expense reports at the end of the month, simply automate the transaction history into your accounting software. 

See how much Divvy can save you.