Another day, another big data breach announcement.

Business insider just put out a list of 14 companies whom you’ve probably shopped with, who have had significant breaches of their data, leaving you vulnerable to attack. What kind of attack? Credit fraud, identity fraud, infringement on your privacy, and more.

So have you shopped at any of these retailers since January 2017?

  • Adidas
  • Sears
  • Kmart
  • Delta
  • Best Buy
  • Saks Fifth Avenue
  • Lord & Taylor
  • Under Armour
  • Panera Bread
  • Forever 21
  • Sonic
  • Whole Foods
  • GameStop
  • Arby’s

If you have, your information has likely been compromised. And having your information compromised can be quite the hassle. And like most businesses, you probably have all of your subscriptions and recurring payments tied to a single card. So when that card information is compromised, you’re all of a sudden spending your time getting a new card, and updating your billing information across all of those services. What a pain.

Divvy can help

Divvy can’t keep hackers from trying to get your information via the retailers you buy from, But Divvy does have a ton to offer in terms of mitigating the risks of fraud and easing the pain of having your card information compromised.

Divvy’s secret? Virtual cards. We’ve got a whole breakdown of virtual cards, but simply put, a virtual card is a unique 16-digit number that you can generate and use in the place of your physical card number, which keeps your physical card number protected. Virtual cards also offer way more control than a typical credit card. For example, on Divvy you can set a card limit, have the card expire on a certain date, or freeze or delete a card anytime you need to.
Divvy also has a whole section of our platform dedicated to helping you manage all of your subscriptions. You can have each of your recurring payments set up to individual virtual cards, for incredible visibility and control. So when the next data breach happens, and card information is compromised, it only affects one of your cards, and one of your vendors. And creating a new virtual card only takes seconds.

It can be hard as a business to know the best ways to safeguard your company from these data breaches. There’s always someone ready to tell you how they can help, but at what other cost to you? Well with Divvy, you don’t have to weight the pros and cons, because Divvy is completely free to use. You can add greater security, and mitigate your risks against fraud, and it will cost you nothing.

Request a demo, and we’ll show you Divvy can help your company.