Take control of

company spending

Every company expense tracked and categorized
as it happens, not at the end of the month

Vendor Management

  • Use recurring virtual cards to securely and conveniently manage all of your recurring payments.
  • Lock the cards to merchants to prevent hacking and set limits to take control of company spending.

Send money & make purchases

  • Plan ahead or send money just-in-time!
  • Get the money to your people when and how they need it.

Divvy groups

  • Create strategic budgets for teams, events and projects.
  • Whether you’re a budget owner or member, you’ll always know how you’re pacing against your budgets.

Eliminate expense reports

  • No more receipts. No more reimbursements.
  • Bottom line, say goodbye to the reactive expense reports that we all dread.

See how much Divvy can save you.