What is Divvy?

Divvy is the world’s first free, fully-automated software that manages company expenses and places budgets at the point of purchase. The software provides instant visibility and control of companywide spending. With Divvy, employers can give employees direct access to funds, effectively eliminating expense reports and retroactive reimbursement.

Employers and designated employees receive physical Divvy cards tied to the Divvy software. Owners can grant access to company funds in the app, and spenders can use Divvy cards anywhere they need to spend company money. Users can also generate online (virtual) cards, available for one-time or recurring use for online purchases.

Divvy tracks every dollar spent on Divvy cards and creates itemized spending reports in real time. Administrators can see how spending stacks up against specific budgets throughout the month, allowing companies to achieve their financial goals.

How does Divvy work?

After signing up, the business owner and his or her designated employees receive physical Divvy cards. Divvy cardholders can create secure online (virtual) cards, set spending and budget controls and view card activity in Divvy.

Is Divvy secure?

Yes, Divvy is very secure and safe. Divvy uses 256-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption to ensure your personal data is protected. Your personal information is stored in highly secure data centers, which utilize state-of-the art electronic surveillance and multi-factor access control systems.

Divvy is a physical card, a virtual card (vcard), a mobile app, a business advocate, and a better way to protect your account from lost cards, fraud and abuse, breaches, and card cancellation.

Find out more about how we proactively keep your info secure.

How do I sign up for Divvy?

Divvy is currently available to companies by invite right now. Sign up to get in line for an invite here.

Is there a physical Divvy card?

Affirmative - You will receive a Divvy Visa® for each of your approved team members who will also be able to generate online (virtual) cards. (Either one-time use or multiple use, see "virtual card FAQ")

What is a virtual card?

A virtual card functions just like a physical card, and is designed to be used for all transactions made online, in-app, or over the phone.

You can choose between a one-time use virtual card that is disabled permanently after a single transaction, or a recurring card for renewable subscription services.

Divvy virtual cards are accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

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Where does Divvy work?

Whether you’re working in Paris, Texas or Paris, France, your Divvy card will work too. Internationally and domestically, Divvy works everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

Can employees get cash back or withdraw funds from an ATM?

Negatory - Divvy is designed to allow business owners to control company expenses and support employee spending in the simplest way possible, no cash necessary.

Where is Divvy currently available?

Divvy is currently only available in the United States.

However, you can use Divvy cards worldwide, anywhere Mastercard is accepted.

How do I get Divvy?

Click here to get Divvy with it. *cue epic adventure music*

Have other questions?

More questions? Drop us a line - help@getdivvy.com