The Divvy Difference iPhone screenshots and Divvy credit cards Divvy provides real-time spend management that gives you greater control over your company’s spend and minimizes your risk of expense fraud. It gives you greater insight into how your employees are spending, and it lets you plan and execute your budgets with improved accuracy. Divvy’s unique program lets you establish clear spending limits for each employee that can only be adjusted when approved by managers. This lets you limit the amount each department and each employee within the department can spend. It also minimizes your risk of employee fraud. By monitoring employees’ spending in real-time, and establishing clear spending limits, employees can no longer submit fraudulent expenses that take months to discover or bill expenses that are not legitimate. Traditional expense management works on a delay, causing you to wait for critical budget information and never giving an up-to-date picture of employee spending. Divvy’s revolutionary system gives you a superior method for accounting for the various channels your employees are using for company expenses, how much, and the frequency of those expenses. Divvy’s real-time reporting gives you immediate insight into your financial reality. You no longer need to wait for end of the month for an accurate determination of your accounts. Divvy provides you the tools you need to see a clearer picture of your business and more accurately plan for the future. By incorporating our spend management system, you are gaining a more realistic understanding of your company’s spending and helping to calm the financial waters so your company can sail smoothly into the future. With Divvy you get complete control over your company spending and expenses so you can reduce risk, waste, and fraud while increasing cash flow.

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About Divvy

We dug deep to create the world’s first free, fully-automated budgeting and expense management platform, and it gives you instantaneous visibility into company-wide spend. Born from loathing a truly broken process, Divvy turned that legitimate dislike into the catalyst to reinvent. Not even innovate: burn to the ground, salt the earth, and build something that works on new ground—from scratch. Divvy is the first free and fully automated spend management platform. Join us in our brave new Divvy world. See if your company qualifies. Sign up for free ©2017 Divvy, all rights reserved. Divvy is a registered trademark of DivvyPay.]]>

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