Concur, Certify, and Expensify have dominated the expense management solutions space for years. But how do these giants in the industry compare to Divvy, a relative newcomer to the FinTech space? We’ll take a look at everything from company specs, pricing, pain points, and innovation to find out who comes out ahead. We hope you like David and Goliath stories, because it’s time to pit Divvy vs. Concur, Certify, and Expensify.

Why devote mental energy to expense management?

Companies spend as much as 10-12% of their total annual revenues on travel and entertainment. That’s a lot of scratch. By tracking and managing company T&E spend and expenses, companies can identify waste, streamline their budgets, and increase their profit margins. Simple in concept, but the execution of expense tracking and management has morphed into a complex and reactive process over the years. Employees spend, then report on spending, the finance team reconciles and requests corrections or missing documentation, then approves the reports, accounts payable reimburses employees, team leads try to adjust spending levels to match their departmental budgets, and the cycle repeats monthly, ad infinitum.

Reactive vs. Proactive Expenses:

At best, companies who master the expense management process get a full accounting of company expenses and spend about 2-4 weeks after the money’s been spent. The number of people participating in the process creates space for error and cracks for company cash to fall through. Out of this need, several expense management companies stepped up over the years to automate sections of the expense management process and bridge the gaps. First, Concur, established in 1993, tackled business expense management, followed by Expensify and Certify in 2008. These companies make up the big 3 in the expense management solutions space. Divvy was founded in 2016, but what it lacks in age, it makes up for in agility and efficiency.

A little background

Divvy, rather than build upon the established expense management and reimbursement cycle, set out to break the cycle and replace the broken process of expense management with a slick, modern, spend management process. They developed a spend management platform that allows companies to control and visualize spend while eliminating the need to file expense reports, reconcile them, and reimburse employees. It’s a tighter feedback loop that allows businesses to spend proactively rather than react to expenses after the money’s already spent. Sounds fantastic, but how does Divvy stack up against established veterans in the expense management solutions space? Let’s dive in.

Divvy, Certify, Concur, and Expensify specs:

Concur obviously tops the list in legacy and largest number of employees. Certify and Expensify hit the middle in age and company size. Divvy is newer, with fewer employees. Concur, Certify, and Expensify self-identify as expense reporting and expense management solutions, and Certify calls out their compliance and reporting capabilities. Divvy’s description focuses on simple spend management combined with easy budgeting to end overspend, with the added bonus of eliminating needing to file expense reports.

How hard does it hit the company coffers?

Divvy, free alternative to Expensify, free alternative to Concur, free alternative to CertifyWhen digging in and comparing expense management solutions, we have to zero in on pricing. Often, if a service provider can’t hit your price point, there’s no need to look into that provider any further. They say you get what you pay for, but price doesn’t always correlate to quality. Certify, Concur, and Expensify provide pricing options that scale depending on the size of company and number of users, starting from $5-$8 per user, per month. Divvy provides companies with smarter corporate cards that work in conjunction with the Divvy app to increase control, convenience, and visibility into company spend, and it costs nothing.  We have the ability to offer a freemium product for one simple reason–we take their cut from the transaction fees, not the client. Your company gets a sweet spend management system, saves cash, gains control, and Divvy makes money on the back end. Win-win-win. Beyond pricing, do the expense management solutions you’re considering go where you go? Can you access your info from anywhere? Can you access your info on the fly or would you need to find a desktop or laptop in a crunch?

Divvy, Certify, Concur, and Expensify Supported Platforms:

The good news: Divvy, Certify, Concur, and Expensify all come out even on the availability chart. Certify, Concur, and Expensify offer expense management solutions platforms that work on web based systems, and also work on iPhones and Androids via app. Divvy’s spend management platform works on web, iPhone, and Android via app as well, so we’ll call this one a tie. Next up, you may need to consider whether your prospective expense management solutions allow your business to scale.

Expense Management Solutions by Company Size:Divvy Customers, Certify Customers, Concur Customers, and Expensify Customers for expense management solutions

While Divvy, Concur, Expensify, and Certify offer expense management for Small, Mid-sized, and Enterprise Businesses, only Expensify and Divvy offer expense management for Sole Proprietorships. Freelancers and contractors can use Divvy’s spend management system if they have a sole proprietorship or llc. That’s handy if you have a ton of expenses to keep track of for tax reasons, but don’t want to break your bank on monthly fees. If your business falls in the category of Small, Mid-sized, or Enterprise, you’ve got more scalable options. It’s time to consider pain points. We’ve split up expense management solutions and spend management features by pain points as they apply to members of the Finance Team, C-Level employees, and Spenders. Let’s start by taking a look at the entire reason for expense report tracking–the spenders in your company. Spenders range from entry-level employees all the way up to the President of a company and everything in between.

Expense Management Solutions Features for Spenders:

Divvy eliminates filing expense reports, has auto expense catigorization, request & receive funds, eliminates reimbursement, receipt capture, receipt manager, virtual cards, vs. typical expense management solutionsThe biggest pain points for company spenders includes filing expense reports, categorizing purchases, and managing receipts. Divvy eliminates filing expense reports from the equation. Using Divvy smarter corporate cards in tandem with the Divvy App, employees spend and the purchase automatically gets categorized and reported, with no need to store or take pictures of receipts (unless you really want to). We call this Swipe to Books Technology, and it’s a Divvy exclusive. It simplifies the work lives of spenders, and that ease travels along to the Finance team, especially Admins.

Expense Management Features for the Finance Team:

Divvy Admin Expense Management Solutions features vs. Certify, Concur, ExpensifyThe finance team keeps your company’s ball rolling. Show them a little love. What are your Admin’s pain points? If they include the need for simple expense management account setup and onboarding, Divvy and Expensify fit the bill. Admins may also need to get employees funded on the fly or manage recurring payments, something only Divvy offers. Fully automating expense reporting might streamline the finance department and increase their efficiency, something Divvy and Expensify offer. In Divvy vs. Expensify, Concur, and Certify, all companies have standard integrations, with Divvy, Certify, and Expensify offering credit card integrations as well. It’s best to measure features against the needs of your company, and sometimes those needs can vary by team.

Expense Management Solutions Features for C Levels:

Divvy features vs. Concur, Expensify, Certify expense management solutions features The C-levels of any company often take on company-wide budgeting, and sometimes budgets on the team level as well. Divvy’s budget wizard gives leadership teams the ability to budget strategically and dynamically control spend as it happens. It also transforms reactive policy enforcement, fraud prevention, and fraud detection into proactive and strategic processes. Only Divvy offers full, real-time visibility with Live reporting. Concur and Divvy offer spend analytics, and all four expense management solutions are PCI compliant. Next, do Divvy, Certify, Concur, and Expensify integrate with your accounting and/or office software?

Standard Integrations:

Divvy integrates with G Suite, NetSuite, QuickBooks, and Xero compared to Certify, Concur, and Expensify expense management solutions Software integrations bring us one step closer to streamlined business. Certify, Concur, Expensify, and Divvy share the standard expense management solutions integrations, working with NetSuite, Quickbooks Online, and Xero. Divvy also integrates with G Suite as an added bonus.


When comparing Divvy with typical expense management solutions on the market, consider scalability, price, how each platform addresses pain points, and integrates with your current company systems. We developed Divvy’s smarter corporate card and app duo to grease a very squeaky wheel. Expense management is the thorn in every company’s side. It distracts employees from working on core job responsibilities. It leaches hours from every department each month, which seemed necessary–until now. Divvy eliminates the unnecessary evil of filing expense reports. It removes the need for employee reimbursement and the frustration that comes with it. Take control of company budgets and spend, streamline your business processes and curb loss while simplifying company travel and expenses. Divvy does all that so you can focus on killing it. Oh, and it’s free.

About Divvy

We dug deep to create the world’s first free, fully-automated budgeting and expense management platform, and it gives you instantaneous control and visibility into company-wide spend. Born from loathing a truly broken process, Divvy turned that legitimate dislike into the catalyst to reinvent. Not even innovate: burn to the ground, salt the earth, and build something that works on new ground—from scratch. Divvy is the first free and fully automated spend management platform. Sign up for free ©2017 Divvy, all rights reserved. Divvy is a registered trademark of DivvyPay.  ]]>

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