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Divvy is the free solution to your company’s expense management woes. Divvy provides world class customer service—without surprise rate hikes. It’s the perfect card for every business.

See how Divvy and Expensify compare

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See how Divvy and Expensify compare

No other card or software can do what Divvy does

Enforceable budgets

Create a common understanding of budgets. Start by making a budget, with admins and users, divvy out funds, and watch the spend roll in. With real-time tracking and spend controls, you’ll never go over budget again.

Cards for every spender

Every employee can have their own card, and you control every card’s balance. That fosters trust between the finance teams and everyone else. For off-card purchases, Divvy supports painless reimbursements.

Real-time visibility

Every time a Divvy card is swiped, the transaction is visible to the spender, the budget owner, and the company admin—immediately. No more flying dark until everyone files their reports.

Streamline bill payments

Pay your bills and invoices faster. With Divvy Bill Pay, AP Processing just takes a few clicks: just add your vendor, create a payment, and you’re done. We take care of the rest.

Subscription management with virtual cards

Create unlimited virtual cards for online payments everywhere. This keeps your real 16-digit card number protected, and gives you better control.

Auto-categorized expenses

With Divvy, you’ll never have to do another manual expense report again. Say goodbye to piles of receipts and invoices. By distributing the burden of categorization to spenders, transactions are categorized at the point of spend.

User-friendly, multi-device app

Divvy’s app is intuitive—even beautiful—by design. And it functions the same across any device. We’ve removed friction by creating an easy-to-use app that trains your employees for you.

Seamless financial integrations

No matter what financial tech you’re using, Divvy plays nice. You can map custom fields to GL codes and save hours every month with our QuickBooks Online sync.

Human support

With a world-class support team that you can reach 24/7/365, you’ll always have help spending smarter. We’re available for chat, phone call, and even in-person onboarding.

When it comes to pricing, Divvy is the clear winner.

The Divvy platform—including expense reports, receipt capture, and employee cards—has always been free. Plus, we offer reimbursements for a fraction of the price of our competitors.

While Expensify offers a free plan for individuals, there is no free option for businesses. The free version of Expensify also limits users to 25 receipt scans a month.

Like Expensify, we make money from interchange fees—which costs nothing to our customers. Because of this, Divvy continues to offer our core platform for free.

“Divvy is to credit card management what the iPhone was to communication. It didn’t create the space, it reinvented it.”

William Duffy

Finance Manager at Alivation Health

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