See how Divvy and Expensify® compare.*

Divvy Expensify®
Pricing All services free of charge Additional costs for add on services
Spend control with budgets tied to cards ✔️
Receipts bulk export ✔️
Chrome extension ✔️
Slack integration ✔️
Custom reporting ✔️ Extra cost
Expense approval ✔️ Extra cost
Multi-level approval ✔️ Extra cost
Expense policies ✔️ Extra cost
Spend limits control ✔️ Extra cost
Accounting integrations ✔️ Extra cost
GL mapping ✔️ Extra cost
Access control ✔️ Extra cost

Ready to try Divvy?

When it comes to pricing, Divvy is the clear winner.

The Divvy platform—including the budgeting software, expense management, reimbursement, employee cards, advanced approval workflow, accounting sync, etc—is free to use for all.

Stop chasing for expense reports and receipts. Expense tracking with Divvy is automated and real-time, making it smooth and effortless for employees to complete expenses.

With the Divvy card, you get a credit line, flexible payment cycles, physical cards for all, and unlimited virtual cards that allow you to make plans to grow your business and manage your recurring and non-recurring payments.

“It’s great having expense reporting all wrapped up into one product. With something like Expensify you have the credit card* provider and then have to import all the credit card transactions* into the system. Divvy is one system instead of two separate systems that don’t work 100% well together.”

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Jordon Thompson

CFO at Hawx Services

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*Please note, Divvy is a charge card provider and not a credit card provider.

phone displaying divvy budgets on screen behind a physical divvy card

Why customers prefer Divvy

4.6/5 stars
(as of 01/2022)

“It is a great credit card and expense management program and it is the only one that is completely free for the company.”

G2 reviewer

4.7/5 stars
(as of 01/2022)

“Expensify wasn’t as user friendly when it came to how quickly transactions were entered into the transaction log resulting in loss of documentation for credit card users.”

– Capterra reviewer

9.0/10 stars
(as of 01/2022)

“Divvy solves our problem in a couple of areas: first expense cards, second keeping to budgets, third receipt management.”

TrustRadius reviewer

No other card or software can do what Divvy does.

Enforceable budgets

Create a common understanding of budgets. Start by making a budget, with admins and users, divvy out funds, and watch the spend roll in. With real-time tracking and spend controls, you’ll never go over budget again.*

Cards for every spender

Every employee can have their own card, and you control every card’s balance. That fosters trust between the finance teams and everyone else. For off-card purchases, Divvy supports painless reimbursements.

Real-time visibility

Every time a Divvy card is swiped, the transaction is visible to the spender, the budget owner, and the company admin—immediately. No more flying dark until everyone files their reports.

Streamline bill payments

Pay your bills and invoices faster. With Divvy’s AP Management, AP Processing just takes a few clicks: add your vendor, create a payment, and you’re done. We take care of the rest.

Subscription management with virtual cards

Easily create virtual cards for online payments everywhere. This keeps your real 16-digit card number protected, and gives you better control.

Auto-categorized expenses

With Divvy, you’ll never have to do another manual expense report again. Say goodbye to piles of receipts and invoices. By distributing the burden of categorization to spenders, transactions are categorized at the point of spend.

User-friendly, multi-device app

Divvy’s app is intuitive—even beautiful—by design. And it functions the same across any device. We’ve removed friction by creating an easy-to-use app that trains your employees for you.

Seamless financial integrations

No matter what financial tech you’re using, Divvy plays nice. You can map custom fields to GL codes and save hours every month with our QuickBooks Online sync.

Human support

With a world-class support team that you can reach any time, you’ll always have help spending smarter. We’re available for chat, phone call, and even in-person onboarding.

The expense management solution you’ve been looking for.

* Expensify® is a federally registered trademark of Expensify Inc. and is one of many trademarks owned by Expensify Inc. Divvy is an independent SaaS provider; however is not affiliated with or endorsed by Expensify Inc. The use of Expensify® on this page is merely to compare Divvy products with Expensify Inc.’s products.

Attempted transactions over the budgeted amount would automatically be declined.