What is Divvy?

Expense reports

We take care of the expense report automatically when you spend. Just swipe and you’re done.

Easily manage and assign budgets to groups or individuals and see spend in real-time.

Smarter budgeting

Virtual cards

See all your subscriptions in one place and have any online spending on unique card numbers.


Get access to great deals that beat the competition by 15-50%.

Demo the best expense management platform ever.

Stop wasting hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars every year using outdated expense management software. Divvy eliminates expense reports and allows you to see spend as it happens. And we do it all for free.


Also, we should mention:
It's free*

*We don't charge for any of it.

Real-time spend tracking

“We are VERY excited to be a part of the Divvy customer family. We feel that the enhancements that the Divvy platform has to offer in terms of us managing our expenses will greatly impact the efficiency of our employees as well as the accuracy of their spending.”

Jeff Jacobson, COO at Costa Vida

We work with all major accounting software.

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