Divvy just got better with Visa.

As if Divvy cards weren’t smart enough, we’re excited to announce the Divvy Visa® Business card. Get ready for the best business card experience out there.


Divvy Visa Business card benefits:

Use your card at your favorite locations.

Pay faster and more safely with tap-to-pay, Google Pay and Apple Pay.

Enjoy a sleek, newly designed physical card.

Ready to start now?

We’re working to introduce all of our customers to the new Divvy Visa Business card. If you’re ready to make the switch join the waitlist now.

Front and back divvy cards

More to come

As we continue to build out this program, we’re planning future additions like:

Simplified disputes
We do all we can to protect you from fraud, but if there is ever a fraudulent charge or a chargeback you need to dispute, the process is fast and painless.

More detailed transaction data
We’ll be able to surface even more helpful transaction data and improve your visibility into spend.

Merchant specific controls
Set cards to only work in specific industries by limiting accepted MCCs, merchants, or locations.

Visa Savings Network
In addition to our standard rewards program, you’ll be enrolled in the Visa Savings network—automatically.

*While this feature list reflects our current thinking, the Divvy roadmap is subject to change without notice. We reserve the right to build the features that will provide the most benefit to the greatest number of customers.

Get started now

Common questions

How does the switch to the Divvy Visa Business card work?

Our team members will be working through the transition with you, so don’t fret. We’ll send new physical cards to all your spenders and have created in-product guides to help you shift over to the Divvy Visa Business cards.

Will I need to update card numbers with vendors?

Yes, your Divvy Visa Business cards will come with new card numbers so you’ll want to update the virtual and physical card numbers that vendors have on file. To help you with the transition, we’ll provide a list of all recurring virtual cards that need to be updated. 

Do we have to sign new documents?

Yes. Your authorized signer will sign new documents for your Divvy account.

When will my Divvy MasterCards stop working?

You will receive an email before your Divvy MasterCards are turned off, and a reminder on the day of. Specific timing depends on your company’s migration status.

Will my credit line change?

No, the switch to the Divvy Visa Business cards will not affect your credit line.

Where will you ship the new physical cards?

By default, the new physical cards are set to be sent to your company address we have on file. If you want cards to be sent to individual spenders, you can change the addresses for cards to be sent to specific locations. All users will need to receive a new physical card.

How will I know if there are any stragglers who haven’t activated their new card?

We have created a tool to show the status of the new physical cards once they have been shipped. Once a user has activated their new card the status will be updated to “Activated”.

This card is issued by Cross River Bank pursuant to a license from Visa USA Inc. Services or benefits not related to a Visa card transaction are not Visa-related services or benefits. Acceptance locations are dependent on card program.