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Fast application so you can get back to work.

Applying for a business credit line shouldn’t be a full-time job. With Divvy, a few clicks gets your application started.

Flexible credit, not one size fits all.

Applying for business credit with Divvy isn’t just fast, it’s flexible. Instead of approving only a small percentage of businesses that fit a very specific mold, we look at each application individually and meet you where your business is.

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Credit card rewards plus software benefits

Credit with Divvy has all the perks and benefits you’d expect from a robust business credit line. From features to rewards, you’ll love having credit with Divvy.

Approved spend that you can see in real time.

Divvy offers business credit as the backbone of our expense management solution. With Divvy, you’ll be able to empower your employees to spend, while staying in complete control of your credit line.

Ready to get some credit?

Divvy vs. other business credit cards

We know we’re not your only business credit card option, but we are the best. Here’s why:

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No fees

Flexible rewards

Automatic integration with Divvy expense management software

Unlimited creation of virtual cards

Employee cards for all (controlled by admin)

Enforceable budgets

Other business credit cards

Annual & monthly fees

Set rewards

Imperfect or nonexistent integrations with expense software (Expensify, Concur, Excel)

May allow for virtual cards

Limited number of cards per organization

No spending locks or tracking

“A free card service that also gives us rewards—you can’t beat that. Plus, with Divvy, we can track our company’s credit card spend in one place.”

Steve Plowman
Controller at Artemis Health

There’s lots to love about business credit with Divvy.

Fast approval
For businesses that qualify, we’re able to underwrite an adjustable credit line based on cash supply—meaning that you can start spending quickly.

Easy online application
From start to finish, applying for credit with Divvy takes only six steps. If we need anything extra, we’ll reach out to you directly.

Talk to a person
If you need assistance or have questions, you can always contact us directly. We’re happy to help.

Multiple ways of underwriting
We also offer more traditional means of underwriting, so that you can find a credit line that fits your unique business situation.

Separate business credit
For many companies, we are able to use business credit instead of a personal credit score to determine line sizes.

Scalable credit line
We make it easy for you to have access to the credit you need. As you grow, Divvy grows with you.

Build business credit
We report your payment behavior to all the right people, so you can build your business credit as you spend with Divvy.

Exclusive special offers
Through our corporate partners, Divvy provides a variety of rotating special offers—giving you even more ways to get rewarded.

Flexible rewards
Our rewards program gives you flexible options for how fast you earn rewards and how you redeem them.

Ready to get credit with Divvy?

More on getting business credit with Divvy

How does Divvy help build your credit score?

As part of our mission to make money smarter, Divvy reports customer credit performance to the Small Business Financial Exchange (SBFE®). That means you can use Divvy to build credit history and credit score for your business simply by paying on time.

How Divvy credit cards change company culture?

Divvy surveyed employee sentiment before and after receiving a corporate card; we saw positive results in three key areas: employee empowerment, company pride, and career development. You can significantly move the needle on a more positive company culture (while saving time and money) by utilizing the Divvy platform. Giving each employee a corporate card indicates trust and commitment that can transform your company.

Why does my business need a business credit card?

When it comes to streamlining business expenses, a company credit card can save you time and money. Separating business spending from personal spending makes it easier to reconcile accounts at the end of the month and get taxes right at year-end. If you have a growing team, consider using a platform like Divvy to provide individual cards to every employee, thereby eliminating manual expense reports and cumbersome reimbursement processes.

What is the difference between business credit cards and personal credit cards?

While personal credit cards can be used by businesses, it’s incredibly helpful to separate spending by opening a new credit line for company accounts. Corporate cards are specifically designed for business use, with tailored rewards and industry bonuses—however, they may also have higher fees. While it’s helpful to have an EIN number to apply for a business credit card, it may not be necessary.

Can I qualify for a business credit card with bad credit?

Yes, you can qualify for a business credit card when you have bad credit. Each card provider will have different credit score standards for their applications, but that shouldn’t stop you from applying. Many card companies will be lenient with poor credit if you’re willing to submit payments more frequently or accept a smaller credit line to start. You may also qualify for secured credit lines, those that require a security deposit when you open an account.

What are the benefits of having a business credit card?

Aside from the obvious record-keeping benefits of separating corporate and personal spending, having a business credit card has many rewards. Creating a credit line for business purchases is easier than qualifying for a loan and helps to build your company credit score. Business credit cards also come with attractive perks and rewards like cash back or travel benefits.

What’s the benefit of having a credit card that ties to your expense management software?

Old school expense management processes involved a lot of data entry and paper trails. By using software that ties directly to your business credit card you can completely eliminate these cumbersome processes, saving you time and money. Divvy provides credit cards to every employee—for free—so that you can track company spend in real time and set up budgets that prevent overspending. 

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