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Advocating for small businesses and spending smarter

With Sharita M. Humphrey, Money Expert & Financial Educator


Diversified Dividends LLC helps minority women and women better understand, manage, and grow their money.


Houston, TX




October 2020

“Divvy has been a 10 out of 10. You guys are the Chick-Fil-A of service.”

Before Divvy

  • Many different budgeting solutions
  • Little to no credit access
  • Interest fees and late payments
  • Lack of resources

After Divvy

  • One robust platform
  • Quick and easy business credit
  • Trackable business spending
  • Accessible knowledge base and demos

The summary

Sharita M. Humphrey’s consulting company serves as an advocate for Black- and Brown-owned small businesses and a champion for minority women business owners. When helping these groups better understand, manage, and grow their money, she discovered a lack of budgeting solutions or resources for small businesses like those she worked with.

“Many of these small businesses are seeking access to a budget platform that truly works for them and a way to access business credit that is not directly tied to their personal credit.”

As a financial expert, Sharita’s customers look to her for solutions that will help them succeed. Divvy helped solve a pain point for her customers by not only granting them access to much needed business credit, but ultimately saving them time and money for what she calls their “business rainy day fund.”

Through Divvy’s robust platform, customers can access their budget, track business spending, and avoid wasting any expenses on missed payments or interest fees. Sharita says, “When I tell my clients about Divvy, they’re like, ‘Is this real?” Knowing they have access to funds virtually with instant budget-tracking makes doing business in smaller companies easier.

“My clients love Divvy because they can finally have a business budget that is user-friendly and easily accessible. The awesome rewards and the virtual cards are a home run in their eyes!”

As small business owners, many of Sharita’s clients work with the SBA to get loans for their businesses. “The SBA wants a detailed overview of their spending,” Sharita explains. Divvy provides this and helps her clients “to get back into the driver’s seat of their business.”

On top of their new sense of financial security, Divvy provides an ongoing knowledge base to help educate Sharita and her clients through personalized demos, education resources on the website, and by all around making them feel like a part of the SMB community: “Just to see the excitement on my clients faces and to hear the feedback of how professional and welcoming the Divvy Team has been is the reason why I’m a Divvy partner.”

Sharita herself has seen major growth since joining forces as a Divvy partner and says this partnership has really accelerated her business from a social standpoint and also from a monetary standpoint.

“This opportunity to partner with Divvy has added more revenue to my business. Knowing that [Divvy is] standing behind me, especially as an African American woman, gives my business that competitive edge.”

Sharita’s clients are now sharing her work across the country. Divvy’s seamless solution has helped them become stewards of their funds, gain access to much needed business credit, and become successful small business owners.