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Achieving financial wellness with budgeting and visibility

With Marc Balcke, Corporate Controller at Noom


Noom is a health and behavioral service focused on delivering lasting lifestyle changes for your mind and body.


New York, USA


Wellness & Fitness Software






As a fast growing company, Noom was being slowed down by financial busy work. With Divvy, they eliminated manual processes, got real-time visibility, and were able to focus on high-level priorities, such as forecasting budgets.

Before Divvy

  • Tracking everything in Google Forms
  • Visibility into spend came the day they received a receipt from a credit card
  • Six-step process for expense reporting
  • Reimbursements 30+ days after spend occurs

After Divvy

  • Transactions are occurring live in Divvy with the ability to monitor transaction flow instantly
  • Forecast budgets months in advance
  • Snap photos of receipts from your phone
  • Submit reimbursements directly in Divvy

Note: This video was filmed onsite at Noom, Inc.’s headquarters in NYC, New York in early February 2020 prior to any official COVID-19 related lockdowns.

The challenge

Noom is a hyper-growth company that has gained popularity as a weight-loss service focused on lifestyle changes rather than restrictive dieting. The mobile wellness company has raised over seven rounds of funding, with a headcount that continues to scale. Up until recently, all of their financial services had been outsourced—and with over $250 million in revenue planned, this presented quite the challenge.

When Marc Balcke was hired as Noom’s first in-house corporate controller, he had a lot on his to-do list: hire a finance team, implement a range of expense software, and establish scalable financial processes for Noom. Unfortunately, much of Marc’s time was consumed by financial busy work—expense management, reimbursements, and budgeting.

Reimbursements were a nightmare of their own. Noom offers its employees a generous “wellness budget” to be used each month for mental and physical well-being. While the wellness results were optimal, the budgeting results were not. The reimbursement process involved a cumbersome, six-step process that passed back and forth between teams.

As Marc expanded his team, his corporate accountants lamented the messy paper trail, time-consuming manual processes, and lack of visibility. Lilly Wald explained, “The visibility into spend before Divvy would be the day we received a receipt from a credit card.”

While Marc was eager to streamline these processes with financial systems, he was worried about the time and training that traditional expense management would require. Luckily, he remembered a prior demo he’d received for Divvy.

“The visibility into spend before Divvy would be the day we received a receipt from a credit card.”

The solution

While a corporate card solution wouldn’t typically seem like the first priority, Marc realized that Divvy could address many seen and unseen challenges he was facing.

Best of all, he knew that the essential Divvy platform was free. Marc figured, “I had nothing to lose except my own time I would invest in that process. And so for me to be able to experiment with a couple of credit cards—at no cost for the company—to see if it actually works for our use cases, was a very easy and simple way to onboard and take these kinds of risks.”

See why Marc decided to try out Divvy when he moved to Noom.

Marc noted that Divvy was unique in this regard: “If I would have selected any of [Divvy’s] competitors, it would have taken months of negotiation for the contract. We would have an implementation team and we might spend a year or more to implement it worldwide.”

To test Marc’s theory, he and his team completed a brief pilot run with Divvy. In no time, they were ready to say goodbye to Google Forms for good and focus on other high-level priorities.

“The fact that the Divvy platform was for free, I had nothing to lose except my own time I would invest in that process.”

The first thing Marc and his team did was utilize Divvy budgets. Marc explained that this sparked some “healthy conversations” about the budgeting process and allowed them to compare forecasts to the actual transactions flowing through Divvy.

Lilly Wald was encouraged by this kind of real-time visibility. She explained, “Now that we know how much we’re giving each employee to spend we’re able to forecast budgets months in advance.” This just wasn’t something they were able to do previously.

At a previous company, Marc had felt the burden of paper receipts and reports. He said that they would sometimes have “tens of thousands of dollars of receipts that were six months old and none of us [in finance] would know about them.” Using Divvy at Noom, he says he “won’t have to be afraid of that anymore….It’s going to make our internal processes a lot more efficient.”

“Now that we know how much we’re giving each employee to spend we’re able to forecast budgets months in advance.”

The results

Finally, all card spend in one place. Since implementing Divvy, Marc’s team has abandoned Google Forms and saves dozens of man-hours a month. Noom has a Divvy card for every single employee, paired with a user-friendly mobile app. Reimbursements are submitted directly in Divvy and budgets got a whole lot easier to manage.

“Most importantly,” says Marc, “all of our transactions are actually occurring live in our system, and we can actually see and monitor the spend of the company as a transaction flows through the credit card instantaneously.”

With Divvy, Noom’s finance team can gain real-time insights and trends into company spend. Lilly explains how well this aligns with Noom’s values, “Two of Noom’s principals are to 1) be transparent and 2) to think like an owner. I think Divvy really allows the employees to see how money is being spent—especially the budget owners”

Lilly talks about how Divvy empowers Noom’s employees.

“With Divvy, we have the advantage of having all of the spend in one place. ”

Divvy has transformed the way Marc and his team work—and it’s benefitted other departments as well.

Lost paper no more

La Leurentop, the office manager, described how differently her job looks—on a daily basis—now that they’re using Divvy.

Some days, La has to zig-zag all over the city doing everything from space-planning to picking up birthday cake. That kind of hustle and bustle is the enemy to expense tracking. For La, that unfortunately meant “lost pieces of paper.”

Divvy has relieved that pressure for La and others in the office: “A particular problem that Divvy has helped me solve is simply the ability to snap a photo [of a receipt] on my phone and upload it right away. I think that having the mobile app is extremely valuable”

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