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With Eric Choma, Controller at IMPACT


At IMPACT, we teach business leaders and their teams how to overcome the challenges of inbound marketing by implementing a simple framework that leads to game-changing digital sales and marketing results and higher performing teams, all without having to be continuously dependent on an expensive marketing agency.


New Haven, CT


Digital Sales & Marketing




February 2020

“Divvy saves at least $8k per year and it makes expense reporting so easy!”

Before Divvy

  • Expense management – $500/month
  • Lengthy reporting process
  • Budgets without enforceable limits

After Divvy

  • Expense management – $0/month
  • Instant expense reports
  • Clearly defined budgets for all employees

The summary

For IMPACT, employee budgets were a major pain point. IMPACT teaches businesses to overcome the challenges of inbound marketing by implementing a simple framework that leads to game-changing sales and marketing results, higher performing teams, and freedom from expensive marketing agencies. As a team of digital marketing experts—not accountants—they were struggling with basic expensing errors and too much hand-holding. They wanted to set their employees free to spend within budgets, within reason.

Eric Choma, Controller, explained how Divvy has changed the game for IMPACT:

“We want our employees to do what’s best for IMPACT, while also understanding the financial effects to the budget. A lot of the time, it takes money to make money, so we’ve employed Divvy to enable our team to make the right decisions quickly (without a lot of red tape).”

IMPACT initially switched to Divvy to eliminate the annual cost of Expensify. “At the very least, Divvy saves about $6k-$8k per year by allowing us to get rid of our previous expense management software,” Choma asserts. But they were pleased to find that Divvy’s free expense reporting software provided even more benefits.

By integrating Divvy with Quickbooks, IMPACT is able to manage their spending, expense reports, and review time to close books much faster. Choma reports that Divvy’s QuickBooks integration saves him about 8 hours each month on review time alone.

The ability to control employee budgets and track the spending in real time has become a game-changer for IMPACT. “Previously, I was only able to control the credit limit for each employee. With Divvy, I am able to control an individual’s spending all the way down to a transactional level,” states Choma.

“With Divvy, I am able to keep some budgets open to everyone (like our employee book budget—want a book? Buy it!), while also giving certain employees access to specific budgets.”

Finally, IMPACT relies on Divvy’s virtual cards to pay their vendors, which allows them the direct control they need. In just a click they can adjust the limits or freeze spend for individual cards or vendors—whatever their financial need.