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Taking the guesswork out of department budgets

With Bryant Jensen, Controller at CrewTracks


CrewTracks provides field management software to construction companies through mobile and web apps that enable office staff and field crews to communicate in real-time.


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March 2019

“Divvy is saving CrewTracks hundreds of hours per month. Divvy provides a user-friendly system for requesting, spending, and tracking money—and it’s free!”

Before Divvy

  • Sharing two company cards
  • No expense management software
  • Moving cash or credit before every purchase

After Divvy

  • A card for every spender
  • Instant insight into budgets
  • Mobile app for receipt upload and spend tracking

The summary

“For our team, Divvy has been an absolute game-changer,” says Bryant Jensen, Controller of CrewTracks. As a growing team building software that helps construction companies manage communications in real-time, CrewTracks needed a better way to distribute funds.

When asked what their #1 pain point was before Divvy, Bryant couldn’t identify just one: “All of our expense management was a pain point for CrewTracks. We had no line of credit and only two company-issued credit cards that were shared among eight employees in different departments.”

At the time, CrewTracks was emerging from the startup phase; moving from bootstrapped funding and fighting for early market share was extremely difficult with a tight credit line and cash flow restrictions. Their expense management processes were slowing them down by about 10 hours per week.

“We were juggling our expense management, before every purchase, we had to make sure we either had available credit or cash first.”

Not knowing where the money was caused headaches for both trade show teams and department managers. Brett Fairbourn, VP of Marketing at CrewTracks, said that he was “just hoping” that he was within budget: “I’d try to spend as responsibly and carefully as possible, but I’d always miss stuff.”

Now that CrewTracks is using Divvy for their expense management, Brett is 100% confident that he’s spending within budget. “It’s actually visible,” he says, “At the end of any given month, all the expenses are already categorized.”

“I feel like I actually have a handle on the marketing budget now. Before I was sticking my finger up in the wind.”

This instant insight into spend has helped CrewTracks save time and money. They are no longer sharing credit cards and they have the ability to put budgets in place and pre-assign credit to each employee and department. “Managing our credit line and cash flow has never been so easy,” says Bryant.

Bryant applied for a credit increase through Divvy’s online dashboard in a matter of minutes. Within a week of requesting credit through the web app, CrewTracks had access to the funds they needed, empowering them to continue to grow.

More than just managing funds, Divvy has actually helped CrewTracks to better manage their people. “Our employees are able to move forward without a lot of back-and-forth,” Bryant explains. “It really gives that ownership and accountability to spenders.”

Erin Laird, Marketing Coordinator, reaffirms this. “What I love about Divvy is that I don’t have to worry about keeping my receipts,” she says. “It’s all virtual. The last company I worked at, the process was: 1. Where’s your receipt?, 2. Scan it in, 3. Send it down to the business office, 4. Walk it over here. Divvy makes it so easy to just upload a picture—it’s a night and day difference.”

From admins to budget owners to spenders, CrewTracks employees agree that work-life has not been the same since they started using Divvy—“in a good way!”

“Divvy provides a user-friendly system for requesting, spending, and tracking money—and it’s free,” concludes Bryant. “It’s an absolute no-brainer.”