Creating peace of mind for clients and partners

With Amy Marshall,
Workflow Solutions Segment Leader
at Breakwater Accounting and Advisory

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Breakwater is a forward thinking accounting and advisory firm. We are not a “one-size-fits-all,” but what fits you (the client).

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“Divvy gives us the tools for our firm and clients to create better visibility, controls, and streamline workflows.”

Before Divvy

  • Reactive expense processes
  • Multiple methods for managing expenses and reimbursements
  • Reconciliation was very manual and time consuming
  • Lack of visibility and control
  • Exposure to fraud

After Divvy

  • Proactive and intentional
  • Real-time visibility and control
  • One place for all expense management
  • Integration of accounting software
  • Reduced time spent on reconciliation
  • Fraud control with Divvy Virtual Cards

The summary

Breakwater is a cloud-based, forward-thinking accounting and advisory firm that believes in creating a solution to fit each and every client. Amy Marshall, Workflow Solutions Segment Leader at Breakwater, says their mission is simple–create financial peace of mind for all of our clients. Divvy helps them achieve that mission.

“Divvy helps align with our mission at Breakwater by creating peace of mind for our clients. We embrace technology and cloud-based software, and Divvy helps add that value.”

Breakwater was in need of a solution that wasn’t “one-size-fits-all” but could scale to fit any size of business. Tower Hill School, a client of Breakwater, dealt with their expenses in a reactive way, rather than a proactive way. They were using a more manual and time-consuming process of chasing down receipts and spent hours each month on reconciliation.

Through Breakwater’s partnership with Divvy, they were able to recommend and help implement a new solution for Tower Hill School. As a result, they were able to reduce their expense management time by at least 50-60% a month, saving them time and money.

“Divvy gives us the tools for our clients to create better visibility, controls, and streamline workflows. ”

Since partnering with Divvy, Breakwater and their clients have streamlined their expense processes, creating more visibility into their finances and control over their budgets. According to Amy, her clients love how easy Divvy is to use, plus the flexibility of Divvy Virtual Cards has helped reduce the risk of fraud. “Divvy is so easy to use and empowers staff to control their own spending.”

Not to mention Divvy has reduced or even eliminated the manual work of receipt tracking and credit card reconciling. So what once was a bi-weekly and reactive task, can now be done proactively through the Divvy platform.

“Divvy is so easy to use and empowers staff to control their own spending.”

With Breakwater backed by Divvy’s innovative spend management solution, they now have that competitive edge they were missing before, making Breakwater a true leader in their industry. Divvy has also created a more controlled environment by providing each user with responsibility and ownership. But most importantly, said Amy, Divvy has helped Breakwater build a stronger relationship with their clients.

“It has helped us build trust and confidence with our clients in that we provide the best tools to help make their lives more efficient.”