Here’s how Flex Plans work:

Select payment

Using Bill Pay, upload your invoice and select the vendor you wish to pay.

Choose your plan

Opt for a 1, 2, or 3 month plan with a corresponding fixed fee starting at 0.9%, 1.4% or 1.9%.*


We pay your vendor, and we’ll automatically withdraw payments to repay the Flex Plan according to your schedule.

*Fee rates based on eligibility and subject to change. Not all customers are eligible for the lowest rates.

What customers are saying about Flex Plans:

“We have been using Flex Plans for the past several months and love how simple it is for us to get some additional flexibility to run our business. Being able to easily get an extra 30 to 90 days to pay Divvy back has made all the difference.”

– Michael Collard, Controller

“Divvy Flex Plans have provided valuable flexibility to my clients. Most of my clients are quickly growing companies where short-term cash management is crucial. Having flexibility on payment options allowed cash to be used to further grow the companies.”

– Duke Heninger, CFO

Frequently asked questions

How do I increase my Flex Limit?

One of the benefits of Divvy Capital is that we proactively monitor your eligibility and reach out with offers. To request a Flex Limit increase, visit your Flex Plans page in Divvy and select “Request Increase.” Our team will review your request and let you know if you’re approved for a higher Flex Limit.

Is my Flex Limit separate from my Credit Limit?

Yes! This is a big advantage of Flex Plans—greater spending power with Divvy. If you qualify for Flex Plans, your Credit Limit stays the same, and you’ll receive an additional Flex Limit.

Can I change the time frame on my Flex Plans?

Unless your business has changed significantly since you created your Flex Plan, the time frame and payment amounts are not adjustable. You’ll need to pay off your current plan, and then create a new one. Learn more about payment adjustments here.

How do I use Flex Plans if I don’t have a Flex Limit?

We are proactively identifying customers that qualify for Divvy Capital. If you qualify for a Flex Limit, you should see your pre-approved amount on Divvy dashboard. If you don’t see a limit, fill out the form here to let us know you’re interested in using Flex Plans.

If I pay off my Flex Plans early, will I still be charged the full fees?

Yes, even if you pay off your full plan before the end date, you will be responsible for paying the full fees. Fees for Flex Plans are fixed, not interest rates, so they apply regardless of early payment. If you want to pay off your Flex Plan early, contact us at [email protected] or (385) 352-0374.

How much are fees for Flex Plans?

Flex Plan fees are charged as a percentage of the Flex Plan amount. Visit your Flex Plans page in Divvy to see your rate. Rates are determined based on creditworthiness, payment history, and other factors. 

Fixed Plan Fee Rates:

  • 1 Month: 1.15%–2.90%
  • 2 Month: 2.75%–4.35%
  • 3 Month: 2.35%–5.95%

Flex Plan fee ranges are subject to change. Not all customers are eligible for the lowest rates.

How do I repay my Flex Plans?

Payments for your Flex Plans are automatically withdrawn from your desired bank account on the scheduled date. View your Flex Plan details to see upcoming payments. To pay off your Flex Plan in full, contact us at [email protected] or (385) 352-0374.

Do I have to complete a credit application to use Flex Plans?

Yes. Flex Plans are currently available only to Divvy customers who have accumulated a healthy payment history. In order to use Flex Plans, you’ll need to fill out the Divvy Credit Application as well as the Bill Pay application.

Are any payment types not supported with Divvy Flex Plans?

We aim to make Flex Plans as flexible as possible! However, there are a few restrictions on types of payments that can be applied to Flex Plans. Check out a full list of restricted payments here.

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