Divvy Capital: Real-time, flexible funding.

Get instant access to funds for managing cash flow. We offer float, when you need it, in the flow of your business.

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Traditional bank loans don’t add up.

Many companies struggle to secure capital because of roadblocks such as:

• Lengthy, time-consuming applications
• Complicated fees and interest rates
• Confusing collateral requirements

Smarter cash flow, instantly.

Automatic pre-approval

If you’re a qualified Divvy customer, you’re pre-approved for Divvy Capital. No time-consuming applications required—just capital in one click.

Real-time float

Divvy Capital gives you instant access to new levers for managing cash flow—like float when you need it.

Increased spending power

Divvy Capital products are added to existing credit limits, allowing you to spend more with Divvy.

A smarter way to spend

With “smart money,” Divvy helps you manage cash flow in the same platform where you track expenses, pay invoices, and create budgets.

Simple pricing

Everything about our pricing is easy and upfront—including a flat fee for float—so you can make smart decisions for your business.

Flex Plans for Bill Pay.

Qualified Divvy customers have a Flex Limit instantly available. Your limit will be tailored to your company and based on your unique Divvy transaction history.


Coming soon

Flex Plans for Card

Customers can decide to float a portion of their card balance for 1, 2, or 3 months for a fixed fee.

Short-Term Loans

Customers can apply for up to $50,000 to be repaid over 6–12 months with weekly or monthly payments.

Interested in Divvy Capital?

We’re now in a closed beta for future Divvy Capital offerings. To learn more submit the form and we’ll contact you shortly.